353 Marie McCray

354 Lexa

355 Amia Moretti

Shoot Location: Miami, Florida

The audio in this video has the constant hum of air conditioning and the sounds of distant construction though neither are particularly distracting as you will surely be more distracted by the 100% gorgeous babe.

Scene 1

Babe Watch. ITC Favorite 21:18

Lexa does a slow strip tease on a Miami Beach balcony with a nice view of the beach. The clip has a decidedly softcore feel to it yet with a few graphic spread ass views and close up pussy sprinkled in here and there. There is one fantastic close up face shot with a gorgeous smile that could melt an iceburg. The last ten minutes of this clip is all fully nude posing with some really amazing footage. The full body views show off Lexa's stunningly beautiful figure as she walks around on the balcony. She gets a bit of a surprise when the neighbor comes out on his balcony and sees her naked though she does not get scared off and she even teases him a little bit.

Lexa Look a Round. 11:00

Lexa gets down on the reclining deck chair and we move in to admire her amazing ass up close. She lies flat on her front with her incredible ass curves protruding prominently as she slowly squirms it around. Then with one knee forward she spreads her girlie bits open for some beautiful close up pussy and ass views. She ends up on her back with her legs in the air and we move in for a close up pussy inspection while she squeezes her lips together and spreads her pussy open.

Miami Fiddle. 4:42

Lexa has a quick 5 minute clit rubbing session with her beautiful pussy and ass and face filling your screen through the duration of this clip. Our guess is there is no orgasm in this footage though she does appear to be enjoying herself.

Art Deck Hole. 3:41

This clip is almost all close up open pussy views as Lexa just holds it open and shows off her gaping vagina. The first part shows her entire curvy undercarriage spread open and then we move in really close to gaze upon the folds of her vagina.

The Floor o' da Tease. 7:49

Lexa gets down on the floor to show off her amazing figure with some crawling action and several squatting, lying and sitting positions. Her final position sitting with her knees up displays beautiful curves around her hips and thighs. She also lifts her ass up to squirm her naked pussy and ass in your face. There's a nice mix of close up shots and full body views in this clip.