029 Shania

030 Simone

031 Simone & Shania

Shoot Location: Calgary, Canada

Scene 1

Mostly Tease. 11:22

This scene starts out with lots of tease as Simone parades around in the white outfit (seen top left). This doesn't mean there isn't much nudity. There are some really nice close up views up her naked crack with her pants around her thighs. You get to examine the way her pants cling to her ass while she walks and then she reveals her beautiful pussy and ass standing over your face.

Naked Simone. 13:17

Simone is completely naked for the second half of this scene. There's some beautiful ass spreads and ass jiggling over your face and then we follow close behind her ass as she crawls across the floor. Her ass curves are truly stunning as she poses on all fours. Next she plays with her pussy lying flat on her back on the floor. After masturbating for a while she spreads her pussy and we zoom right in to ogle her pretty pink vaginal opening. She digs around in her vagina with her fingers to scoop out her pussy juice and it all flows down over her ass making a big puddle on the floor. We get some great close up views of her girl goo as it flows down over her anus. Afterwards she can't help tasting it as she licks it up off the floor.

Scene 2

Denim Hot Pants. 9:01

Simone wears a really skimpy denim shorts set in this clip. Your heart will skip a beat when you see her bum cheeks hanging out of these shorts. We make a point of thoroughly examining the way her shorts curve down under her ass to her crotch. We get a nice little sneak peek up inside her shorts when she loosens them a little. She also poses over the top of a mirror so you get a double view of her ass.

Bishop up the Bum. 7:43

Simone plays with a couple of chess pieces sticking a bishop up her bum and the king up her pussy. She gets onto all fours with the bishop sticking out of her ass and there's a really fabulous extreme close up view of the bishop's head dabbling in and out of her bum hole.

Mirror Image. 7:17

Simone sticks a suction dildo onto a big mirror on the floor and rides it. The mirror presented us with some rather challenging lighting and camera angles but still you get some really great viewing angles. It's a bit like being under a girls ass while she rides a dick.

Scene 3

Toys in Bed. 9:59

With Simone asleep in bed you sneak up under the sheets to get a peek at her ass. After she wakes up she sinks a nice smooth vibrator up her pussy for a good while. She seemed to really like this vibrator so we just let her go at it for about 6 minutes and we get some more nice views of her pussy juice running down her ass. After she's done with the vibrator she soothes the tickle in her ass hole with a string of anal beads up her ass.

Scene 4

Pee on the Stairs. 1:14

Simone take a pee into a bowl squatting in rear view on the stairs. You have a great view to see all her bits in action as she pees a steady smooth stream and you hear it landing in the bowl only inches from your ear.

Scene 5

Pee Filter. 2:03

Simone hangs her ass over the edge of the bathtub and you watch from underneath as pees through her panties (momentarily) before pulling them aside. This clip is far from professional but if you don't mind the difficult lighting, slightly dirty lens, film crew in the picture, and casual banter you might really like it.

Rinse Cycle. 4:26

Simone takes a bath while still wearing her top and panties. She rinses the pee out of her panty crotch under the faucet, pours water over her top so you can see her nipples, and then flips over to show off her ass jacking it up and down out of the water.