028 Celine

029 Shania

030 Simone

Shoot Location: Calgary, Canada

Shania doesn't have quite as tight a figure as some of our models but she more than makes up for it with her wild party girl personality. She was here for one reason only - to have a good time.

Scene 1

Probing Fingers. 10:52

Lying on the couch Shania does a quick strip out of the black bodysuit (seen bottom left). After about 3 minutes she gets down on the floor and starts fiddling with her pussy. The second half of this scene is just non stop extreme close up pussy spreads right in your face. Shania is able to make her vagina open up pretty easily so you get some fabulous gaping vagina views here. We usually try to stay out of the video ourselves but she kept talking to us so it was unavoidable. You hear some film crew voices and we lend a helping finger to probe her vagina and her ass. The last minute of the scene has a bit of a pussy juice smear on the lens after we got too close.

Scene 2

Long Distance Relationship. 7:29

Maybe sometimes we try too hard to be original. This might be one of those times. We had this long pole lying around and got to wondering what we could do with it. Thus we ending up screwing Shania's pussy and ass from the floor below. Depending on your perspective this scene is either a very unique and arousing way to fuck a girl or else it's a stupid circus dildo trick. Regardless we get some great views looking up her ass from directly below while the dildo rotates in her pussy (and briefly in her ass). You'll love the low angle view when she turns around and hangs her ass over the edge of the balcony. The general mood of this scene is much more playful than erotic with a smattering of wise cracks and tom foolery throughout.

Scene 3

Spreading over your face. 5:17

Shania strips out of her denim hot pants and stands right over your face to spread her pussy and ass. She can even make her vagina gape wide open in this position. You spend about 3 minutes just looking up her crack and browsing through her girly bits. We get so close that her bum hole totally fills your screen.

Under the Glass. 4:40

Shania hops up onto a sheet of glass and rides a suction dildo stuck to the glass. You have a super sexy viewing perspective from directly under the glass sheet as her pussy and ass ride up and down on the dildo.

Scene 4

Shania's Ass Show. 4:13

Shania's ass looks fabulous as she lies on her front with her legs wide open. There's mostly just a lot of ass posing as we ogle and worship her ass curves. We stick your face up her crack for a short while to watch her fondle her anus.

Dabbling in the Hole. ITC Favorite 5:07

Shania gets busy with a big baton shaped dildo. After 2 minutes of pumping her pussy with it she takes it out and a nice little glob of girl goo comes flowing out behind it. She spends the remainder of this clip just constantly dabbling the head of the dildo in the entrance of her gaping vagina. We get in really close to examine her beautiful pink hole as the dildo comes all the way out between every stroke. This is truly awesome footage and probably the best part of her video.

Give her a Hand. 2:55

Next we give her a hand (literally) as we gradually work several fingers and then an entire hand up her vagina. It's a first time for both her and us.

Working her Ass. 9:49

In the last part of this scene we play with Shania's ass for a good long time. She sticks her ass in the air and we dabble a dildo in her ass hole over and over and over. As usual we stick your face so far up her ass you can examine every crease in her anus as it contracts when the dildo comes out. After we're done with the dildo she shoves a string of anal beads up her ass (twice) and you get to watch every bead pop out of her ass with some nice close up views.

Scene 5

Mellowing Out. 7:59

After her long hard day of modeling Shania gets to take it easy in the bath. She soaps up her legs and generally fools around in the water. Several times she sucks water into her pussy and squirts it out. Finally she flips over and shows off her ass slowly jacking it up and down out of the water. Her ass looks absolutely fabulous and curvy in this final shot.