027 Eden

028 Celine

029 Shania

Shoot Location: Calgary, Canada


Scene 1

Celine Strips and Spreads. 15:00

On the couch Celine does a slow sexy strip from the soft pink outfit seen above. Rest assured you will see plenty of naked pussy and ass in your face as she tugs the G-string out of her crack. She shows you how flexible she is as she sticks her legs straight up and almost behind her head. There's some great close up pussy spreads followed by sensual finger masturbation with 2 fingers up her vagina. The last 3 minutes of this scene are entirely close up pussy spreads in your face and you can see her face in the background looking back at you.

Scene 2

Brushing Up. 12:11

In the first half of this scene you see lots of Celine strutting all around the room in the hot pink string dress (top right). It's a lot of sexy posing, sexy walking, upskirt views (no panties), and generally a bunch off showing off. We milk it for a bit 'cause she moves so nice and looks so good in her sexy dress. In the second half of this scene Celine gets nasty with a hair brush stuffing it up her pussy and getting really juicy. It's not just a bunch of dabbling with the brush. She she gets really noisy as she sinks it in deep and it comes out all glistening with girl goo. We get a great shot right next to her pussy with the brush up her vagina and her face in the picture too.

Scene 3

Celine's Toys. 17:52

You might almost think Celine looks a little like Sandra Bullock at first as she sits on the stairs looking cute. She lets you see the wet spot on her panties then pulls them aside to show her pussy. You follow her up the stairs and she pauses for a while to spread her pussy and ass in your face before proceeding to the bedroom. She masturbates with a pink rubber dildo for a while and then she buries it deep up her pussy pushing it all the way in until it completely disappears. In need of something bigger Celine sticks a huge suction dildo onto the corner of the night stand and rides it right over your face. It's the perfect angle to view this sexy penetration as her curvy underside sinks down onto the dildo splitting her pussy lips open. She finishes it off with a few nice long and deep strokes as she virtually sits all the way down on the dildo to the base. We're not done ogling her bits yet though. After she gets off the dildo she stands over your face and spreads her spent pussy. She thinks she's done but we just can't stop staring up her ass.

Scene 4

Just Spreads. 15:10

We made this scene for those of you who just want to soak your brains in spread female private parts for a good long time. At first you see Celine in the kitchen rubbing ice cubes through her crack. From here on in it's just spreads to the end. There's not so much breathless action but tons of ass spreads standing over your face, then pussy spreads lying on the counter, and then more ass spreads lying on her front. Expect to get acquainted with her vagina as she spreads it wide with 2 fingers to meet you and we zoom right up her hole to inspect it. If you like ass jiggle you'll get plenty of that here too as she repeatedly fondles her bum cheeks and gets her ass moving.