026 Eden

027 Eden

028 Celine

Shoot Location: Calgary, Canada

Scenes 1 and 2 will mostly be of interest to those with special interests. Skip to scenes 3 through 7 for our regular hardcore action.

Scene 1 with Eden. 6:33

We start by having a little chat / interview with Eden. It's mostly just a bunch of bull shitting but at least it's sexy bull shitting. She talks about her school girl days, her sexy uniforms, her sexual experimentations, etc. Eden's mood is kind of playful and youthful. Not too much nudity here.

Scene 2

Shaving Eden. 16:56

Before every shoot we always get the models thoroughly groomed and well shaven. Sometimes this is actually a very entertaining procedure so we thought we'd film it this time. You see Eden first standing and then lying in the bathtub as she shaves her pussy. We rinse her off and then we finish the job off for her with special attention to her butt crack and other delicate spots in her private parts. There are some occasional great extreme close up bum hole views as we inspect the job we have done. She even gapes her anus open a couple of times. This scene does take on a quite different character to our typical types of scenes - maybe a little more clinical than erotic, less rehearsed, more casual, a little less edited, something more like a behind the scenes feature with film crew talking and casual banter etc.

Scene 3

Pink Dress. 11:05

We follow close behind Eden's ass as she climbs the stairs and then watch as she teases us wearing a short pink dress and white panties. There are some lovely upskirt / panty views as she jacks her ass up and down off the floor. Much of this scene is dedicated to beautiful shapely female body parts in motion. We put your face right under her pert and pointy little breasts while she wiggles them all over the place with her hands. Then she stands up and parks her naked ass right on top of your face. You have the perfect viewpoint to gaze up her private parts while she fondles and jiggles her ass.

Juicy Masturbation. 5:09

Now Eden gets completely naked on the floor and proceeds to finger her beautiful pussy to a juicy orgasm. You get a great view of her creamy girl juice lightly flowing down her bum cheek next to her anus. Finally she spreads her pussy open for a fabulous close up view of her pee hole and cum soaked vaginal opening.

Scene 4

Crawl and Gape. 2:34

You get the upskirt / panty view as Eden slowly crawls through the hallway on her hands and knees with her ass in the air. She takes her panties off and sticks her ass in the air for a great bum hole gape. We move right in extra close as she spreads her ass hard and you see her anus slowly spread wide open right in front of your face.

Scene 5

Up Eden's Ass. ITC Favorite 17:51

This scene is surely the highlight of the video and a true paradise for those obsessed with girls bums and bum holes. First Eden teases us wearing red micro shorts that only cover half of her ass. After the shorts come off there's some lovely pussy and ass spreads and then we get down to some serious hardcore anus worshipping. We thoroughly examine her anus opening and closing as we dabble a little green dildo in her ass hole over and over and over. Next we stuff a large ribbed anal toy up her ass and let it dangle like a wagging tail. You get about 10 straight minutes of close up anal action viewed from every conceivable angle.

Beads going in. 2:37

You see a string of anal beads being stuffed up Eden's ass. Unfortunately you don't see them coming out (damaged footage) but this part was too good to leave out.

Scene 6

Peeing Bottoms up. 0:26

Just a really quick scene here as Eden pees into a pop corn bowl with her ass in the air. It is pretty explicit as you can see her pee hole and her anus even gapes open a little.

Scene 7

A Douche and a Pee. 1:42

Eden first douches her pussy and then takes a pee while sitting on the edge of the bathtub almost right over the top of your face. It's a nice explicit spread pussy pee with some of it hitting you in the face.