025 Maliah

026 Eden

027 Eden

Shoot Location: Calgary, Canada

Butt hole fans rejoice, we've finally found a girl who can really make her butt hole gape! And what a lovely ass it is. Eden's got a delightful silky smooth crack and youthful pert erect little breasts.

Scene 1

Spreads of Eden. 12:58

Eden quickly strips out of the purple outfit seen above and proceeds to pose in various crack revealing poses. First you briefly admire her pointy little breasts from below and then we get totally immersed in butt checks and gaping holes. Lying on her front on the couch her ass looks absolutely fabulous as she squirms it up and down and all around in front of your face for you to get a good look. The general idea of this scene is just lots of sexy nude poses, many with spread cracks and open holes.

Scene 2

Smooth Wet Lips. 7:20

Eden gets down on the floor to fondle her beautiful moist pussy lips and slow sensual pussy fiddling gradually turns into more deliberate masturbation. Your face is only inches away as her flawless pussy lips literally fill your screen. You get the perfect close up view of her lips bulging around her finger as it slides up and down her clean flawless slit.

Scene 3

Goldfinger. 16:43

Eden slips out of a white teddy and dangles her breasts in front of your face giving them a brief jiggle. Then she turns around and parks her ass over your face for a while. There's a spectacular view right up her ass as she spreads it and jiggles it first with a G string curving through her crack and then naked. You'll love the way her tight ass springs into position when she lets it go. Then she climbs up onto the table and poses and spreads in several positions and you see a nice little butt hole gape too. Next Eden slowly massages her pussy with a gold vibrator for almost 9 minutes (you might want to turn down the volume at this point - it's a noisy bugger). We take the time to thoroughly examine this penetration from all angles along with some amazing close ups. At several points her perfect little butt hole completely fills your screen. At the end Eden spreads her tight little pussy while her creamy girlgoo oozes out of her vagina.

Scene 4

Eden Shows her Ass Hole. 9:20

There's quite a lot of excellent close up ass hole views in this scene. Eden sits on a stool with her butt hanging out over the edge and we take you underneath for a good look up her ass. We cram your face as far up her crack as possible while she plays with her ass hole. We tickled her anus with a feather, although apparently she's not ticklish. Next she gets up on the counter with her ass in the air while we play with her holes. Unfortunately we didn't quite get the shot we were trying for here but still there is some really good butt hole gaping and pussy spreading.

Pussy Maintenance. 4:13

Eden lies flat on her back with her ass hanging over the kitchen sink. First she douches her vagina and then she spreads it with a speculum. There's not much action here and perhaps not our best speculum scene ever but you get a view inside the garden of Eden nevertheless.

Scene 5

Isle of Butt. ITC Favorite 9:02

If you love wet female body parts in the bathtub this scene will be your paradise. You'll be in heaven when Eden flips over and jacks her ass up and down in and out of the water. You have the perspective of being right in the tub with her with your face between her legs right at water level. It's an amazing view of her ass in motion with the water level flowing up and down her crack and suds on her cheeks. Then she stands up, soaps her ass and then runs water down her crack to rinse off. You get a great close up view of the water flowing all through her crack with her face in the background.

Scene 6

Sprinkler. 1:40

Eden takes a pee lying flat on her back in the bathtub. She does tend to sprinkle when she tinkles and she even gets you in the face. Later we spray her down with the shower head.