024 Tristan

025 Maliah

026 Eden

Shoot Location: Calgary, Canada

We've had a number of requests for girls in stockings so we thought we'd put Maliah in stockings for the entire video. Well no, actually it was just a lame attempt to cover some unfortunate stretch marks on her thighs. We're not going to hide the fact there's a few flaws here but really Maliah is a very beautiful girl with fabulous breasts that get quite a workout in this video.

Scene 1

Strip, Jiggle, and Play. 15:16

Maliah slowly strips out of the white lingerie ensemble seen above. She takes time to chew on the crotch of her panties and rub them on her pussy before getting down to some fairly extensive breast play. Between sucking on her nipples and thoroughly fondling them she also gets them in motion jumping up and down and jiggling from side to side. Some of it is even in slow motion. Finally she gets on the floor and fiddles with her pussy right in front of your face.

Scene 2

Bobbling Boobies. ITC Favorite 11:48

This scene is surely the ultimate breast lover's scene. If there's one thing serious breast lovers worship the most it's the way they move. There's almost 12 straight minutes of non stop breasts in motion in this scene - everything from jumping up and down to dangling to side to side jiggling and even slow motion replays! Here's your chance to wallow in every sexy little jiggle as her lush mounds bounce all over the place. View it from the side, view it from underneath, and best of all view it in slow motion. Don't miss the last 2 and a half minutes. It's the best part with all the slow motion replays. Every jiggle and bounce is exaggerated for maximum ogling pleasure.

Scene 3

Oil Massage. 13:29

Maliah is joined by Raven in this scene as Raven gives her a sensual all over oil massage. This scene features some nice breast groping, some fabulous gaping vagina views, and lots of bad acting. Yes admittedly they're a bit of an odd couple together but we're just here to ogle pretty female body parts getting fondled and spread open. You'll love the way the little stream of oil meanders it's way through Maliah butt crack and over her anus. You could almost lick it off. Raven sticks her two thumbs up Maliah vagina and spreads it wide open while we stick your face in there nice and close for a full inspection. (Raven doesn't get naked)

Scene 4

Splish Splash. 13:01

You follow Maliah from the stairs through the hallway to the washroom where she gets into the bath with her stockings still on. There's some really nice low angle views of Maliah standing in the tub soaping up her ass and her breasts all shot from various angles directly underneath her lovely bits. You then watch the water streaming off her girly parts as she pours cups of water all over her sexy body to rinse off. Next she plays with a dildo in her pussy lying flat on her back in the tub with the water level flowing up and down over her anus.

Scene 5

Three Little Pees. 4:12

Maliah lies flat on her back in the bathtub taking a pee. Although she struggles for a bit to get it to come she does manage several beautiful little pees in little fountains with your face only inches away. It's truly a great view with her pussy spread open, her leaky pee hole in clear view, and her face in the background. Afterwards we rinse her pussy off streaming cups of water over her crotch. Unfortunately Maliah has some rather gnarly stretch marks that are front and center at times in this scene but all in all it's a great clip.