023 Raven

024 Tristan

025 Maliah

Shoot Location: Calgary, Canada

Many customers have asked for less weird objects and more of just in-your-face pussy and ass. This video is for you. OK so we briefly used a candle but in general this video is just dripping with great in-your-face views and sexy posing. Tristan has an ass to die for and that heavily influenced where we pointed the camera for most of this video. Don't expect a whole lot of frantic action but if you love ogling silky smooth curvy bum cheeks, a squeaky clean flawless bum crack, and gorgeous juicy bulging pussy lips then this is your dream video.

Scene 1

Ass Gazing. 15:33

There is certainly some very nice posing as Tristan strips from the black outfit shown above. You really get a nice eye full when her pants come down and she bends over to stick her ass in your face. We take our time to give you a real good look all through her curvy undercarriage as she stands over your face. There's tons of beautiful ass tease as she plays with her ass for quite a while spreading it open, letting it spring free, slapping it, and generally setting it in motion. She gets a nice tight little ass jiggle going and then we show you the best parts in slow motion.

Getting Off. 11:25

Tristan gets on the floor and proceeds to jill herself off with some nice finger masturbation. It's mostly a lot of quite attractive pussy fiddling at first with some great super close up views of her gooey vaginal opening. You'll notice there's a lot of pink here as her pussy lips just seem really smooth, bald, exposed, pure, whatever, they're really nice pussy lips. Pretty soon her pussy fiddling becomes all out masturbation as she gets herself off.

Scene 2

Just Browsing. ITC Favorite 17:12

Here's a great scene for ogling Tristan's girly bits. There's not so much action but you get to thoroughly soak your brains in Tristan's south end for a good long time. Don't get the impression this could be boring. Along with some great posing and excellent camera angles we get some of the best up-the-ass views we've ever gotten. She starts out wearing some very nice fitting cherry pattern panties (seen above). For those panty freaks we take the time to admire the way her panties curve snugly around under her bum crack and you see her pussy lips bulging through the crotch from the rear. After her panties come part way down we explore her lovely pussy and ass from every possible angle while she slowly and sensually runs her fingernail over her anus and spreads her cheeks. We get the perfect camera angles to view the bulging of her pussy lips and generally enhance her fabulous curves. You also get an extreme close up view of her anus completely filling your screen. Later Tristan lodges a blue screw shaped dildo up her pussy. The scene is not completely actionless as she enjoys running the dildo all through her slit and thrusting in and out of her pussy before licking her juices off of it.

Candle Holder. 4:27

Tristan poses as a human candle stick holder. There's more lovely views up her south end as she sticks her ass in the air.

Scene 3

Sudsing her Girly Bits. 9:44

This is a very sensual bathtub scene with lots of soapy pussy, ass, and leg tease. You get right in the tub with her and even have the perspective of floating right at the water level right next to her pussy as she soaps it up. You also get the always delightful soapy-ass-standing-over-your-face treatment. Next she lies flat on her front in the tub for some beautiful ass tease. You watch the water level flowing up and down through her bum crack as she slowly jacks her ass up and down. This is really horny stuff for ass lovers. She even squirts water out of her bum crack when she flexes her butt muscles. Now that the outside is nice and clean she freshens up her inside with a refreshing vaginal douche.

Scene 4

Dual Exhaust. 1:20

You get a nice low angle view as Tristan tinkles a little pee squatting over top of the bath tub and almost right over top of your face.

Scene 5

Bottoms Up. 7:07

What could be prettier than a nice round bum in the air crawling up and down the hallway? Add a few pearls hanging out of her pussy and sprinkle in the splits and we've got the perfect ass in motion tease. You watch her stuff some pearls up her pussy and then follow close behind her ass as she crawls up the stairs. She does the splits, crawls through the hallway several times, and also does some great spread leg bottoms up poses for your viewing pleasure.