022 Raven

023 Raven

024 Tristan

Shoot Location: Calgary, Canada

As usual Raven talks nasty to you through almost all of this video. She is at her most playful mood in most of this video.

Scene 1

Zebra Skirt. 11:45

Wearing the black and white outfit shown above we see Raven talking to her friend on the phone about how she enjoys the "vibrations" when she drives her car. You sneak a peek up her skirt as she walks by and then she notices you. She proceeds to strip down and show you all the bits and pieces you've been pining to see since her last video. Not so much action here but great poses, full nudity, and great close ups for those who like to see spread pussy right up close with her face in the background.

Scene 2

Plugging a Leak. 11:30

Since Raven's last video many of you asked for a tampon scene with real menstruation. This is for you. Well she's not exactly spewing out a placenta but there is a small smattering of blood and the tampon does come out red on the end. We hoped to keep this watchable without being gross. You'll notice the plastic applicator comes out of her vagina with little red smear of blood on it. Now get your face in there and thoroughly inspect that string that's sticking out of her pussy. Raven decides to show you how a girl takes a pee with a tampon stuck inside her pussy. She manages a few little sprinkly tinkles, some flowing down the string, some sprinkling all over her ass, and some even got you in the face. All that's left is to slowly pull out the tampon and she then dangles it in front of you like a pendulum.

Scene 3

Target Practice. 6:16

This is basically video footage of a pee still photo shoot. We just left the camera rolling to see what we'd get and it's actually quite entertaining. Raven squats in the bathtub and plays target practice with our camera (No your view is not obscured). Her playful character is quite evident here.

Scene 4

Hardly Working. ITC Favorite 18:47

Office girl Raven is supposed to be working really hard but she just can't keep her mind on what she's supposed to be doing. She'd rather look at her naked pictures and fool around with a dildo. Hope the boss doesn't catch her. We get some awesome close up views of her pussy lips bulging around the ribbed dildo and her anus even gapes open a little, She also shoots out the dildo using her pussy muscles. Now it's time to really show off her pussy as she pries it open with 4 (and sometimes 6) fingers. We also stick a tube light in there for a better look. It's pussy lip heaven complete with glistening fingers, messy noises, and gooey bulging pussy lips seething between probing fingers as she totally spreads and fiddles with everything. Unfortunately it all degenerates into a disgustingly sloppy pussy fart orgy at the end. It's only in the last 30 seconds or so that you can't really see through the slop (interesting effect though). Go clean your face!

Scene 5

In the Line of Fire. 2:28

This scene is perhaps more experimental than anything. We're frequently getting the camera wet. What the heck, why not pee right on it. That's literally what we do as we lower the camera right into the line of fire while Raven pees in a waste basket. There's a little bit of rustling noise in the audio (cling wrap rubbing against the microphone) but the picture quality is good enough you'd hardly know you're looking through cling wrap.

Scene 6

Complete Lunacy. 14:23

Don't expect a lot of eroticism from this scene. It's just 14 straight minutes of utter foolishness in the bathtub. Raven shows off all kinds of pussy tricks and generally goofs off. There's douching, peeing, a large glass tube full of water, squirting out water, giggling, and of course more of Raven's famous pussy farts. You want to see Raven pee without holding back? She lets fly in this scene. In a small portion of this scene the camera lens is somewhat covered in pussy fart shrapnel. There's some fantastic close up bend over rear view pussy fart shots at the end of this scene (with a clean lens).

Scene 7

Rinsing Off. 3:38

Nothing explicit here (nude though). Just Raven being Raven as we spray her down after her shoot.

Scene 8

Jet Pee. 1:15

Here's a brief bit of bonus footage that's not actually from this shoot. It was shot on the spur of the moment about a month after the above scenes when Raven showed up at Maliah's video shoot and said "I gotta pee, wanna film it?" Considering this was unplanned Raven is totally unshaven in this clip. You get a great vantage point as she sits over the edge of the bathtub over the top of your face and pees full force. There's even a brief bit of anal gaping.