021 Raven

022 Raven

023 Raven

Shoot Location: Calgary, Canada

Back by popular demand, Raven shows off more of her sexy talents and fabulous pussy tricks.

Scene 1

Take a Good Look. 6:32

Wearing the white outfit shown above Raven catches you looking up her skirt. She knows you want to see more. She lies on the couch, spreads her ass and asks you to take a good look this time. We stick your face right up her ass for a while so you can soak your brains in her beautiful girly bits. Her pussy even talks to you farting right in your face.

Ping Pong. 13:17

She tells you "there's something in there, can you see it?" On closer inspection with a fiberoptics light we see she's got a ping pong ball stuck deep in her pussy. She thinks she needs a doctor. Will you help her? We dig deep in her vagina and fish out the ping pong ball and then we spend the next 4 minutes just fiddling with her vagina spreading it wide open and lighting it up. What does she do now that we went to so much trouble to get the ball out? She stuffs it back in! 2 of them this time and now she can't get them out. We don't help her this time. We watch as she struggles to get them out digging deep into her pussy to retrieve them.

Shooter Pyramid. 6:14

Raven fools around with some shooter glasses. First she buries one in her vagina and then she makes a little shooter glass pyramid and pees in them. You get a great rear view as she squats over the glasses making little pee falls that flow from one glass to the next.

Scene 2

Raven's Art School. 9:28

Welcome to Raven's art school where we learn how to draw. You know what we're drawing today but you'd never guess how we're going to do it. She actually sticks the marker up her pussy and moves her ass around over the sheet to draw. Ok she's not very good at it but it's amusing. First we study her girly bits and then we see if we can draw it. Raven talks to you quite a bit during this scene. Pretty entertaining stuff if you like listening to a girl talking about her pussy and ass.

Wrapped Around a Dildo. 5:19

First she strips out of her g-string over top of your face then she picks up a dildo and sinks it into her pussy. There's no furious pounding in and out here. She just slowly plays with it so you can enjoy all the more subtle details up close - like the way her plump lips bulge around the dildo or the way her pussy juice oozes out around the dildo and flows over her anus. She even pushes the dildo out with her vagina muscles and it hits you in the face.

Juice Jug. 2:02

Raven squats and pees into a juice bottle.

Scene 3

Shaving in the Tub. 13:43

Raven wants to show you how girls get so smooth down there. We watch her shaving her pussy in the bathtub and then rinsing off and running the shower head jets on her clit for a while. When she's done she fiddles around with the shaver sticking it in various holes in her body. There's some really nice close up views and you see her juices dripping off the shaver handle when it comes out of her pussy.

The Geyser. 13:54

Raven fills up the bath for some fun water activities. She fills up a beer bottle with water, drains it into her vagina and squirts it out. The last 8 minutes of this video are dedicated to lots of pussy / water tricks. It's a non stop riot of giggling, sloppy pussy farts, and huge gushing 6 foot high water fountains. It's a virtual geyser! You watch her gushing water from all different angles including from above, from right at water level, and just inches away from her pussy. When she calms down a little we get some nice close up spreads with her pussy right at the water line. She even sucks in air and blows out bubbles under water. You hear her vagina sucking in air and water. She blows it out in your face. We clean our lens. She does it again. Around and around we go.