020 Monika

021 Raven

022 Raven

Shoot Location: Calgary, Canada

We can assure you there's probably more entertainment packed into these 69 minutes than you've ever seen in any video. It's a non stop riot of action, humor, and erotic entertainment. Raven sprinkles little bits of witty sexy dirty talk throughout her video. She also does the cute giggly bashful character pretty well too.

Scene 1

Teasing Raven. 9:32

Raven teases you as she strips from a purple dress (shown above) and shows you inside her panties.

Whirlpool. 2:16

She has a nice long pee and we get your face right down in there as she half fills a huge popcorn bowl.

Mighty Mite. 4:31

Next she lies on the floor for some nice pussy fiddling and masturbation. You watch some girl juice seeping out of her vagina as she jams a mini vibrator against her clit and a couple of fingers up her bum.

Scene 2

Out of Control. 2:56

We don't usually shoot pictures and video at the same time since the camera's get in each others way for close ups but we did it here. It's something like a behind the scenes scene as we take pictures of Raven taking a pee in the popcorn bowl (thus you hear the film crew talking and cameras getting in the picture). It's probably a more entertaining pee scene than the others as Raven tries to control her peeing but she gets the giggles and loses control. She tries to hold it in with her hand and only succeeds in spraying it all over the place - including all over the camera. We're getting quite used to having to dry off our cameras during photo shoots.

Scene 3

Naughty Phone Call. 2:22

We soon realized it's dangerous to turn the camera off while Raven relaxes between scenes. She could end up doing something totally wacked and we'd be thinking "geez, we should be filming this". That's what happened here as the scene cuts in while she pretends to be talking to her mom on the phone. Her dirty talk doesn't end with you. You wouldn't believe what she talks about with her mother (don't buy this video if you're particularly religious - you might be offended). All the while she fingers her vagina with two fingers and actually gushes a stream of girl goo out of her vagina.

Scene 4

Pussyquake. ITC Favorite 7:49

Here it is. The pussy fart extravaganza! Do yourself a favor and figure out how to connect this video to your stereo system (headphones work well too). Crank up the volume and let Raven's amazing pussy farts rattle your brains. There's almost 8 straight minutes of thundering pussy farts right in your face. You get so close you can watch her pussy lips vibrate. Raven displays some great muscle control as you also listen to her vagina gulping in air and huffing it out and even making snapping sounds. There's some nice gaping vagina spreads with gyrating vagina walls in between pussy farts. We eventually gave her some lube for some extra sloppy pussy farts but you get your face too close and now it's all covered in slop.

Scene 5

Playing Doctor. 11:16

Raven wants to play doctor and she asks you to help her with her "vaginal problems". We spread her pussy wide open with a speculum and obligingly inspect the deepest parts of her vagina. She drops a couple of ben wah balls inside of her and you can see them through the speculum. After a while she shows off her vaginal muscle control again as she shoots the speculum out of her vagina - ben wah balls and all - hitting you in the face. Raven ends up with all kinds of unusual objects up her vagina that no doctor would put in there. She plays a little game with a dice throwing it from you know where. Next she has a go at stuffing a whisk up her vagina. She never really successfully gets it in but she enjoys licking the batter off after she's done. Finally she ends up with an electric hair curling iron stuck up her pussy. It makes for some interesting views when she opens up the curling iron inside her vagina. Great acting in this scene.

Scene 6

Beer Jug. 1:50

This brief scene features Raven having a pee on all fours peeing into a beer jug. It's a great position for a clear view of all her girly bits in action. Afterwards she asks you if you're thirsty.

Scene 7

Playing with her Food. 12:13

Talk about playing with your food! Raven sits down for a snack but ends up with more of it entering her body through the exit than the entrance. She has lots of fun with grapes and baby carrots but mostly she plays with a tomato repeatedly stuffing it in and pushing it out of her vagina. She eventually ends up masturbating with the tomato until it turns to mush and even eats some of it afterwards.

Scene 8

Bashful Piddler. 1:47

Raven turns all bashful as we sneak into the washroom to watch her pee. You get the low angle rear view as she squats over the toilet for a power pee and then wipes her pussy in your face afterwards.

Scene 9

Cumming Hard. 4:39

In this scene Raven shows us how she gets herself off at home. She lays back with a vibrator jammed against her clit while she reads a porno magazine. We only show you little bits of this as it took her ten minutes to build up to a very intense and very real orgasm. You get a good look at her pussy while she cums and you can even see her pussy and ass clenching down with each contraction and a nice little trickle of pussy juice.

Tampon Tease. 7:05

Raven decides to show you something that should intrigue all the curious perverts out there. You get to watch as she unwraps a tampon and inserts it in her vagina. She squirts out the applicator with her vaginal muscles and then she has another pee while the tampon is still inside. Next we follow close behind her ass as she crawls all through the house, up the stairs, through the hallway, and into the washroom on all fours with the tampon string hanging out of her pussy. Finally she removes the tampon over top of your face and then waves good-bye.