019 Samantha

020 Monika

021 Raven

Shoot Location: Calgary, Canada

This lovely little Hungarian princess is truly stunning from head to toe! You'll fall in love with her sweet smile and her perfect sexy little body.

Scene 1

Tight Pants. 6:44

Monika enters the room wearing the top and pants shown above (top left), walks around in the kitchen and grabs herself a glass of water with ice. Meanwhile we follow her every move and marvel at how well her pants fit around the lovely contours of her fabulous curvy ass and hips.

Ice Cube Melt. 8:13

A naked Monika bends over in your face and rubs ice cubes up and down her slit. She even sinks a couple of ice cubes right up her vagina and lets them melt out. You get a fabulous close up view as the melted ice water mixed with vagina juice literally runs out of her vagina.

Juicy Monika. 9:57

Monika lies flat on her back and we park your face between her legs to watch some very juicy finger masturbation. Her sweet girl goo even comes flowing out and spews down through her bum crack. Both before and after masturbating Monika shows you some outstanding spread pussy views. Though her tight pussy doesn't spread very wide we do get in extremely close so her pretty vaginal opening fills your TV screen. You see her pee hole up close and personal and you see her soft fluffy vagina walls drenched in thick gooey vagina juice squirming between her glistening fingers.

Ooze and Pee. 2:31

Monika gets on all fours and pees into a bowl. She did find it a little difficult to pee in this position but she manages a nice little trickle. If you like both pee and vagina goo you'll like this shot as her vagina is still leaking juices while she pees!

Scene 2

Sliding through the Crack. 6:44

There's plenty of unique entertainment for ass lovers in this scene. Monika stands over your face in the white hot pants shown above and puts on a nice little butt jiggling show for you. You even see a little of it in slow motion. Next you'll be wishing you could be reincarnated as a pool cue as Monika gives herself a nice little wedgy with the cue. She sensually slides her ass up and down on the pool cue and we stick your face right under her ass to watch the cue slide through her bum crack. She even wraps her bum cheeks right around it until it's buried in her crack.

Million Dollar Ass. 3:56

Monika gets naked and picks up a million dollar bill (no it's not real) with her ass and we follow her as she walks around the room with it sticking out of her crack.

Pussy Plunger. 11:08

After teasing you with a string of pearls going in and out of her vagina Monika picks up a giant plunger and gets rather naughty with it. She gradually presses the knob into her vagina until it disappears and then she finishes the job with a vibrator. The scene ends with some more nice close up vagina spreads.

Scene 3

Gush, Pee, and Rinse. 3:43

In this brief little scene Monika lies in the bathtub peeing with her pussy spread open. We get a great close up view as once again she gushes out great gobs of vaginal juice while she pees. You view her spread eagle and on all four from inside the bathtub while we trickle water over her pussy and ass to clean her off.

Scene 4

Green Teddy. 6:03

Monika teases you wearing a green teddy posing on the couch.

Grinding on a Dildo. 9:51

Monika spends close to 9 minutes masturbating with a big rubber dildo. During this 9 minutes you'll enjoy some nice gooey noises as the dildo exits and enters her vagina as well as some nice vaginal secretions from time to time. You'll love the fabulous view up her ass when she flips over lying on her front with her gorgeous ass jacking up and down on the dildo. She is rather quiet in this scene but the view is amazing.

Piddling in the Cream. 6:06

Monika spends the last 6 minutes of this video with a speculum up her vagina. After giving you some nicely lit views all the way down to her cervix we fill up her gaping vagina with whip cream and let it melt inside her. Our last shot may be our best pee scene to date as we zoom right into her cream puddle vagina to examine her pee hole while she pees. The speculum really makes her pee hole stick out and you get a spectacular crystal clear extreme close up view of her pee hole in mid flow. She pees in little mini fountains that mostly fall straight back into the cream puddle in her gaping vagina. You can watch it all come spewing out when she removes the speculum. All in all a great video for those who enjoy leaky pussies that spew all kinds of female fluids and otherwise.