243 Renee Perez

244 Lexa

245 Lana Lopez

Shoot Location: Luka Nad Jihlavou, Czech Republic

Lexa is one deadly gorgeous girl with a ridiculously hot ass. So she's a softcore only model that doesn't do any of our usual masturbation content. That wasn't about to stop us from at least feasting our eye's upon her amazing beauty. If you're looking for strictly hardcore action you might give this one a pass. For those who love to worship at the ass of a goddess you will not find a more beautiful rear than this.

Scene 1

Get Smart Ass. ITC Favorite 15:18

In a very large palatial mansion we watch as Lexa parades from one end of the house to the other through a long series of doorways and parlors. She makes the long walk multiple times giving you ample time to watch her spectacular ass in motion first in her panties and then several more times fully naked. At first we stand back and zoom in from a distance taking in the full figure view seeing both the back and the front side views as she walks away and then back towards you. Later we follow close behind her several times just soaking in her glorious bum cheeks as she makes the long sexy walk from one end of the house to the other. Finally she makes the trip on her hands and knees so you can see her lovely body crawling. Her sweet smile could melt an ice burg and her cute little voice makes an occasional appearance too.

Marvel Ass. ITC Favorite 16:06

You will surely marvel at Lexa's outrageously gorgeous ass throughout this clip as she shows it off beautifully for you. There's lots of slow bum wagging in front of your face first wearing a perfect pair of panties to enhance her bum curves. The high cut arches nicely over her voluptuous cheeks letting them spill out for visual enjoyment while the extended crotch lining curves gracefully through her ass crack. There's a brief interlude from the ass ogling as she gets up on the table, removes her panties and poses with her shapely legs in the air. Then standing again we move in on Lexa's naked ass and you will be wowed by her gorgeous curves. After a lovely slow ass wiggling display she gets her hands on her ass and lightly opens it up to reveal her flawless anus. Before long she starts patting her ass getting a nice little jiggle rippling through her ass cheeks. Things get really pretty when we get the camera right up under her ass as she repeatedly picks up her bum cheeks and lets them drop on top of your face with a glorious multi bounce jiggle.

Bare Rack, Oh Bum Ahh... ITC Favorite 22:30

Lexa now gets up on the table in the middle of the room and just poses her beautiful naked body in many different positions while we stim out on her gorgeous pussy and ass. It starts with a great bend over pose with her ass wagging in your face. Next she lays on her back and and we get some nice full body views as she teases with her legs in the air. She does repeated leg spreads making her pussy lips open up and squeeze together. She also starts lightly squeezing and massaging her pussy lips with her hands. We get a great close up view with the pussy lips completely filling your screen as they bulge together. After briefly posing on her side she moves onto her front and we get a thoroughly mind altering ogle up her amazing ass. With a slight squirm she brings the magical bumscape to life making gorgeous curves flow in all directions. We take plenty of time to soak in her lovely bum crack while she lightly handles her ass cheeks. Moving deeper into her ass crack we observe her flawless anus as she gently flexes in and out several times.