244 Lexa

245 Lana Lopez

246 Laura Crystal

Shoot Location: Los Angeles

Scene 1

An Ethnic Dish. ITC Favorite 18:53

The lovely Lana is in fine form for this strip tease looking ravishing in her sparkly black and purple dress. She strikes a multitude of gorgeous feminine poses with teasing flashes of her purple panties under her dress and her flirty smiles are adorable. After her panties come off we see a super nice front view standing pose with her dress pulled all the way up around her boobs revealing a gorgeous nude figure. She spends a few moments fondling her ass in your face and then adjusts her dress back down to normal and sits on the chair teasing with some beautiful leg crossing motion. Finally she leans over sideways in the chair with her legs up on the table to give you a fantastic pussy and ass view from behind. The beautiful curves on display in this position are really intoxicating.

Friggin' Squirmy. 8:10

Lana has an extensive pussy rubbing session lying back on the dining chair with her legs up in the air. There's quite a lot of squirming going on throughout this clip as she continually thrusts her pelvis against her hand interspersed with little baby pussy slaps. The action is perhaps slightly lacking passion though the view is quite wonderful with her pussy out in the open for visual enjoyment.

Mid Squirm Exam. ITC Favorite 4:05

With Lana now up on the dining table on her hands and knees she takes some time to just slowly squirm her pussy and ass literally right in your face. The slow gyration motion is really pretty with her pussy and ass curves gracefully flowing in an undulating bumscape. It's a pussy and ass ogler's delight with pretty girlie bits completely filling your screen in crystal clear detail.

Driving a Black Mini. 7:45

The masturbation action begins again now with a small black vibrating dildo. After starting in doggy style position she flips over onto her back and continues with her knees up and her ass right on the edge of the table. Her position is ideal for another nice pussy ogle as she mostly just rubs the vibrator on her swollen clit and squirms her body against it.

Gam Over. 4:12

Lana's initial tease was so nice we decided we wanted more of it. Now Lana poses in her dress sitting on the edge of he table teasing with her legs. She soon lays back on the table with her dress up and does a beautiful leg tease with her bare pussy and ass out in the open. We move in to watch her pussy and ass while she repeatedly spreads her legs.

How 'Butt an Encore. 3:54

Now lying on her front Lana gives you one last gaze up her lovely ass. She spreads her legs open for you to sneak up between her thighs for a quick ogle up her ass. There's a little bit of light anus slapping and she also repeatedly flexes her anus in and out.