242 Annabelle Lee

243 Renee Perez

244 Lexa

Shoot Location: St John, Virgin Islands

Scene 1

Low and be Holed. ITC Favorite 9:58

At first we see Renee just posing on the balcony in her short colorful form fitting dress. Pretty soon we go directly underneath her ass to look up her dress for virtually the remainder of the clip. It's a really beautiful view up her dress as she wears no panties and it's non stop beautiful pussy and ass spreading. You get to see this from both the back and front sides though the majority of it is from the rear. There's quite a lot of open pussy views without the hands blocking any of the view and the up ass views are really fantastic.

Chick on a Stick. ITC Favorite 17:45

This clip starts out with Renee sitting on the table with her bare pussy peeking out from under her dress as she flirts with you with pretty smiles. Then she sticks a suction dildo to the corner of the table and proceeds to ride it over your face. This clip is jam packed with tons of outstanding views looking straight up her ass as she squirms and humps the dildo. She truly enjoyed herself doing this as is evident by her quivering motion and genuine reactions. She takes it relatively slow which is a good thing for the clear views up her pussy and ass. It lasts a quite a long time with lots of beautiful slow squirming motions as she sometimes sits all the way down on the full length of the shaft and thrusts her ass out into your face. There's a nice little bit of pussy and ass spreading at the end after she lifts off the dildo.

Head over Heels for you. 5:08

The multi-talented Renee shows off some her gymnastic and tumbling skills on the pool deck with multiple back flips and hand stands. Near the end we get a great up ass view as she remains in hand stand position while doing the splits.

Perez Dispenser. 1:36

Renee squats on the table and pees off the edge of the table. It's a pretty long and powerful pee stream followed by a quick wipe with a paper towel.