018 Jasmine

019 Samantha

020 Monika

Shoot Location: Calgary, Canada

Samantha is a lovely young lady with a beautiful south end although in all honesty she's not really a natural on video. Don't expect any frantic action or earth shattering orgasms from her. She's pretty quiet throughout the video. She does lack passion and she's no actress but if all you care is that you get to gaze up her fabulously curvy undercarriage and ogle her gorgeous girly parts then you should really enjoy this video. Samantha has some of the prettiest female parts we have ever filmed.

Scene 1

Quiet Dabbling. 14:00

She lies flat on her back and proceeds to fondle herself for the next 11 minutes. She never really gets very busy with it but the view is fabulous with beautiful curves in all directions filling your TV screen. This is great stuff if you just want to observe the perfection that results when multiple feminine curves all convene in one place. After enjoying this view for a while you then get to see it with a vibrator sticking out of her vagina.

Samantha's Tease. 6:20

Samantha teases you wearing silky black micro shorts lying on the couch and standing right over your face. A little tug on the bum crack of her shorts reveals the lovely flawless bum hole and pussy lips that you can get used to staring at for a while.

Scene 2

Duotone Tease. 5:47

We stick your face in optimum position as we follow a naked Samantha up the stairs with duotone balls hanging out of her vagina. She sits on the top stair and fiddles with the balls pulling them out and stuffing them back in. You watch her vaginal juices come spewing out every time she pulls the balls out of her vagina. She stands over your face and jiggles her ass around and then crawls across the room on all fours with the balls hanging out of her pussy.

Scene 3

Bananas and Cream. 8:02

Samantha strips out of a white web lingerie outfit on top of the kitchen counter. She squirts whipped cream all down her body and you watch it melting on her pussy. She decorates her pussy with a banana as she sinks it right up her vagina followed by a hard boiled egg which she presses into her vagina.

Water Works. 6:50

Samantha gives her pussy a good douche several times. We even stick your face right in the sink to watch the douche flowing out off her vagina. Next Samantha opens up her vagina with a speculum and we use a few different lighting techniques to show you all the way to the bottom of her vagina. For whatever reason her cervix seemed to be tucked away out of view but it's a great view of her vagina walls all the way down in crystal clear detail. You actually gaze up her vagina for 4 minutes straight. She even douches her vagina out again though the speculum. You get a great inside view of the water dripping in through the speculum to form a big puddle deep in her vagina and then spilling out through the speculum in a little waterfall.

Scene 4

In the Tub. 16:35

Samantha freshens up with a bath after a long day of modeling. You actually get right in the tub with her and ogle her soapy pussy right at the water level. Before long she stands up and parks her soapy ass right over your face and jiggles it all over the place. You get a spectacular low angle view as she rinses the soap off her ass by pouring several cups of water down her back and over her bum. Lying in the tub again Samantha plays with a glass tube that she sticks up her vagina. She jacks her ass up and down making little waterfalls that come out of her pussy. Finally she douches her pussy yet again with a blunt plastic syringe right over your face.