017 Trinity

018 Jasmine

019 Samantha

Shoot Location: Calgary, Canada

Scene 1

Naughty Maid. 9:54

Jasmine is one really cute, super tiny little girl whose looks defy her age. First we see Jasmine cleaning in the kitchen wearing a French maid outfit. Upon your first rear view it becomes very evident that God has endowed her with a mighty fine piece of sitting equipment. Before long she's waging her tail enthusiastically over top of your face and showing off some fantastic wiggles and jiggles. Then we play back the best jiggly bits over again in slow motion. Next Jasmine whips off her panties, climbs up on the counter and amuses herself as she tries to pee in the kitchen sink and misses.

Jasmine's Toys. 9:37

After getting totally naked she gets busy with several toys and vibrators. She tries to cram a giant zucchini into her tiny little pussy but then settles for a couple of vibrators, two at the same time with one in each hole.

Scene 2

Jiggly Ass. 11:11

Wearing the blue teddy shown above we see Jasmine lying on the bed powdering her bum with a make-up brush. Of course the cheeky make-up brush manages to find it's way into several holes in her body for some nice poses. Next Jasmine poses on the dresser in front of the mirror so you see her in both front and rear view at the same time. She squats over your face as she stuffs some duotone balls up her vagina and then proceeds to jiggle them around inside her as she wags her ass all over the place. This is great stuff if you like watching shapely butt cheeks in motion as we once again let you examine every little ass jiggle in slow motion. We stuff your face right up close to watch as she pulls the balls out of her vagina and there's a whole big gob of pussy juice that comes flowing out behind it. Alas you got your face a little too close as the last ball springs free from her vagina and smacks you in the face and now you've got girl goo all over your face.

Freshening Up. 6:48

Jasmine strikes a few sexy poses and then strips naked. Jasmine finds a few novel uses for an electric tooth brush and tooth paste as she decides to freshen up her pussy and ass breath. She soon finds out it's not only a practical use for a tooth brush, she also loves it and the vibrating tooth brush goes everywhere including all over her nipples, in her belly button, on her clit, and all through her butt crack. When she's done she gets on all fours and sticks her ass in your face while she wipes the tooth paste out of her ass crack.

Back Door Beads. 6:32

Now with a nice fresh clean ass Jasmine sinks a few anal beads up her ass. You'll love the way the string gets sucked up into her anus after the bead disappears. We get your face sandwiched up between her lovely bum cheeks to watch the beads coming out of her anus and then we show you the slow motion replay of each and every bead at the moment of exit.

The Perfect Cervix. 12:19

Jasmines next toy is a glass tube that dilates her pussy and gives some interesting views - especially of her pee hole area. She even sticks it part way up her bum. Now you vagina freaks can take a real decent look up her vagina as she opens it up with a speculum. We've been working on getting the lighting just right for this and now we show you some pretty amazing crystal clear unobstructed views of her glistening pink cervix. Not only that but Jasmine has perhaps the most perfect vagina and cervix we have yet seen to date. No wrinkly mangled bits to be found in this vagina! Take a good close look when she pulls the speculum out because there's a beautiful flow of mixed lube, pee, and vaginal secretions that all comes spewing out behind the speculum. Jasmine finishes this scene taking a pee and then she sticks her ass in your face as she wipes herself off.

Scene 3

Asian Piddle. 2:35

Here's just a quick little scene of Jasmine lying in the bathtub taking a pee with your face virtually right in the line of fire. There's lots of giggling and sighs going on as she pushes hard to make a nice little fountain whizzing by your left ear.

Scene 4

Tight Fit. 9:00

In our office Jasmine sits backwards on a chair with her ass hanging out over the edge as she watches some of her video. While she is entertained by her video we are entertained by her ass as she pulls her micro shorts out of her crack. She sticks a suction dildo to the corner of the desk and proceeds to ride it right over your face. With the right angle and a nice close up view the dildo looks massive in her tiny little pussy. After she rides it to an orgasm she finishes the video spreading her ass standing right over your face for some extreme close up views all through her shapely undercarriage.