014 Venus

015 Ginger

016 Trinity

Shoot Location: Calgary, Canada

Scene 1

Bouncy Bouncy. 5:54

Ginger is a little shy at first but before long she whips out her ample breasts and has them playfully bouncing all over the place. We tuck your face up under her tits while she pinches and tugs on her nipples.

Gulping Air. ITC Favorite 6:54

Next she gets on her knees with her ass way up in the air, pulls the thong out of her crack, and proceeds to thoroughly show off her entire undercarriage as she repeatedly tugs her cheeks open and closed. You'll love the way her vagina gapes open right in your face with her featuresome vagina walls peeking at you from deep in her dark cavern. Turn up the volume and you'll be treated to the sound of her expanding and contracting vagina as it gulps in air and huffs it out. We get your face so close you can virtually smell her vagina breath. She even steamed up our camera lens momentarily when we got it too close.

Worms Eye View. 1:30

Not a lot of action here but a great view as Ginger shows off her ass over your face.

Silver Egg. 7:25

Ginger gets her pussy all warmed up and moist with some 3 finger insertion. Using a silver egg-shaped vibrator she gradually brings herself to a gooey orgasm with her goo all running down through her bum crack.

Pee on the Floor. 1:13

She finishes this scene by taking a pee right on the floor lying on her back with her pee going up in a big high arch.

Scene 2

Friggin Ginger. 15:56

We really focus the attention in the right place in this scene as all you see is a beautiful ass in the air sticking out through a hole in a white sheet for the entire scene. There's some major vagina gaping going on here as we get some rubber gloved hands in there and thoroughly spread her open for your viewing pleasure. Her vagina is like a big open cave with a very smooth round opening and a deep cavernous interior. After a full 10 minutes of fondling and fiddling with her gaping vagina you watch her ass squirm as we give her a good frigging until she cums.

Scene 3

Dangerous Curves. 5:23

Sitting on a stool Ginger sticks her ass way out over the edge while you sneak underneath to watch her rub an ice cube through her slit. She gets up on the kitchen counter and gives us some great poses to show off her lovely ass and fabulous curves.

Flavoured Carrots. 2:23

Ginger dabbles a carrot in her juicy vagina. The carrot comes all the way out between strokes making gooey noises and giving you a nice view of her open vagina. Ginger takes an enthusiastic bite out of the carrot fresh out of her vagina with her girl goo all over it.

Speculum Fun. 3:46

Ginger spreads herself wide open with a speculum and we set up our lights so you can see all the way to the bottom of her vagina. Ginger squirts a douche up inside through the speculum filling her gaping vagina with water. She puts a small hose from her mouth into the puddle in her vagina and has lots of fun blowing it all out. She fills up again and you get a great view of the water all spewing out of her vagina as she removes the speculum.

Ginger Puddles. 4:28

Ginger pees in little squirts over and over first with the speculum up her vagina and then without.

Scene 4

Shooter Glass. 1:55

Sitting on the floor Ginger fools around with a large shooter glass putting it in places where shooter glasses were never meant to go. Vagina freaks can soak their brains ogling the way the deep end of her vagina wraps around the bottom of the glass. She even buries the glass all the way up inside until all you can see is a hole where her lips wrap around the glass. Then she pushes it out using her vagina muscles and all her juices come flowing out behind it.

Two Vibrators. 6:29

Ginger brings herself to an orgasm using two vibrators with one in her pussy and one on her clit. While relaxing after cumming she leisurely strokes the vibrator in and all the way out of her soaked hole for some nice views of her gooey vagina.

Bad Aim. 1:10

Finally Ginger displays her terrible aim as she tries to pee in a huge popcorn bowl. Not all is lost though as it's a nice view complete with spread pussy and lots of giggling.