013 Venus

014 Venus

015 Ginger

Shoot Location: Calgary, Canada

Scene 1

Pink Dildo. 10:09

Wearing a super short classy gray business skirt Venus enjoys watching her video on the computer. Soon she's standing over your face giving you a fantastic rear view right up inside her tiny skirt. She's a great tease looking down at you, caressing her bum while her lacy white panties and shapely bum cheeks peek at you from under her skirt. Off come the panties and you find your face only inches away from her pussy as she rams a hot pink rubber dildo in and out of her pussy at 90 mph.

Silver and Pearls. 20:13

Next she grabs a long string of pearls and sinks it all into her pussy. With the pearls hanging out of her vagina you follow her as she walks to the bedroom wagging her ass in your face as she goes. On the bed Venus teases you extensively with the string of pearls repeatedly stuffing them all the way in and slowly pulling them out of her vagina. She even jams a vibrator in on top of the pearls and brings herself to a gooey orgasm. She spreads her vagina at microscopic distance so you can see all the gooey girl juice oozing up from deep inside her vagina. After moving to the sink Venus pulls all the pearls out of her vagina and there's a ton of girl goo that comes spewing out with them.

Speculum full of Cum. 2:14

Now she spreads her vagina properly with a speculum so you can see her juices deep inside her. You see a nice little puddle of cum deep in her vagina.

Pussy Rinse. 1:46

Venus wanted to pee for you, even pouring water over her pussy to make it happen but it wouldn't come. We had to leave this in because her ass looks amazing in this shot.

Scene 2

In the Playroom. 19:00

Venus walks past you on the stairs and invites you to join her in the playroom. Wearing a tiny lacy white dress that fails to cover her ass and a little lacy thong you get a nice ass tease standing over your face. After using several different toys she picks up a plug in vibrator, jams it against her clit and cums so hard you can see her girl juice literally streaming out of her vagina.

Popcorn Bowl. 2:11

Now she needs to pee so bad she sticks her ass in the air and half fills a huge popcorn bowl. We even put your face right in the popcorn bowl.

Scene 3

Lost Tomatoes. 14:27

Venus shows off her lovely ass in a sexy little pair of jean shorts before dropping her shorts and getting on all fours on the table for some great views up her naked pussy and ass. She squirts a bunch of cream all through her butt crack and rubs it all into her private parts and then lodges a stick of celery up her vagina. In need of something bigger she grabs a whole tomato and completely buries it up her vagina. You watch as she repeatedly slips the tomato between her creamy lips and pushes it out over and over again. Venus had a few cherry tomatoes to eat but of course she had to give them a thorough trip through her butt crack and a good rub on her anus before eating them. She even sticks a couple of tomatoes up her ass and loses them (Venus had to go home from this shoot with tomatoes up her ass). Next Venus buries a shooter glass up her pussy for a unique perspective of the vagina followed by a bottle full of pepper.

Big Puddle. 3:51

Finally lying on her back she makes a huge puddle as she pees for over three minutes. We get the camera nice and close (and wet) all just for you to examine her female bits in action. There's lots of giggling going on as her butt hole accidentally toots several times while she is trying to pee.