015 Ginger

016 Trinity

017 Trinity

Shoot Location: Calgary, Canada

Scene 1

Teasing Diva. 8:13

Trinity is one super sexy young lady and a natural tease. Not a lot of nudity here but some great posing.

Tits in Motion. 3:36

You'll love the way she moves, especially when she pops out her perfect breasts and sets them in motion. We slow down the action so you can ogle every glorious jiggle in slow motion as she vigorously flaps her breasts from side to side over your face.

Ice in the Crack. 2:09

Trinity cools off her breasts with an ice cube and then stands over your face and runs it all through her bumcrack.

Pee Both Ways. 2:33

You get to watch her flip out while she tinkles a little pee lying flat on her back and then on all fours.

What an Ass! 7:19

This is one fabulously sexy ass tease as Trinity parks her ass right over you face for a good long time and fondles and caresses her bumcheeks extensively. You see her bumcheeks in full jiggle, then slowly parting open and closed and we also thoroughly explore all up and down her shapely bum crack with a good close up look at her gorgeous ass hole. You'll love the way she runs her claws up her flaming hot ass leaving marks on her cheeks.

In the Swamp. 4:36

Now Trinity gets on the floor and starts fiddling with her big thick voluptuous pussy lips. When she spreads her gooey vagina open we stick your face in there as close as possible to soak in the seething cum drenched folds of her vagina that completely fill your screen.

Red Dildo. 4:19

In need of something penetrating her eager hole she picks up a bright red ribbed dildo and stokes her vagina to a great cum spewing orgasm.

Scene 2

Jiggly Balls. 7:33

We interrupt her playing pool and her attention soon turns to teasing you. Before long her ass finds itself parked right on top of your face again. She wants to feel something jiggly inside her pussy so she pulls the thong out of her crack and stuffs some vibratone balls up her vagina. All you care is that you get to watch her beautiful ass in motion again as she wiggles her ass around all over the place.

Butt Hole Fantasy. ITC Favorite 9:42

Next she stuffs some anal beads up her ass and pulls them out - not just once but over and over and over again. We jam your face as far up her bumcrack as possible for some amazing extreme close up views of the beads exiting her beautiful anus. Ever wanted to just gaze at a girl's anus at half inch distance for 2 minutes straight? This is it! Her butt hole literally fills your screen and she even enhances your view by flexing her anus muscle in and out over and over continuously. Look too close and you might get sucked in! She relieves the tickle in her ass by stuffing a nice big vibratone ball up her bum. It just sits there for a while half in and half out before she stuff it all the way in. We slowly pull it out and there's a nice little trickle of creamy goo that comes flowing out of her anus behind it.

Suction Dildo. ITC Favorite 10:23

Trinity sticks a suction cup dildo to a stool, sensually licks it, wraps her jiggly dangling breasts around it, and finally mounts it and rides it right over your face. You spend 6 delightful minutes gazing up her writhing ass as she grinds down on the dildo pushing back on it with her ass hanging out over the edge of the stool.

Scene 3

Ass in Motion. 0:48

Here's a nice little clip for those who like watching a girl's bum in walking mode. We follow closely behind Trinity's ass in full wiggle up two flights of stairs and through the hallway.

Squatting in the Tub. 1:49

Trinity takes a pee squatting virtually right over top of your face in the bathtub.

Scene 4

Naked Curves. 4:34

Sitting on a stool in the kitchen Trinity leans over on her side so you can watch her tickling her anus nice and close. She climbs up onto the kitchen counter and shows off her lovely curves with a few sexy poses.

Bottle of Cum. 4:12

With a beer bottle up inside her pussy you can see her pussy juice all running down inside the bottle. She also dabbles the bottle in and out making gooey noises.

Crack an Egg. 2:30

Trinity has some fun with several hard boiled eggs slipping them in and out of her soaked vagina over and over.

Glass Cave. 1:27

Her next amusement is a large shooter glass which provides some interesting vagina views. You see her vagina opening and closing around the glass through the bottom of the glass.

Speculum Douche. 4:34

With some excellent lighting and the speculum holding her vagina wide open you can see every ripple in her featuresome vagina walls in crystal clear detail and her cervix makes a not so bashful appearance too. To add to the entertainment you can watch her vagina walls surging as she starts to flex her anus muscles. Trinity finishes her long day by flushing out her spent vagina with a refreshing douche with the speculum still holding her vagina open. She wiggles her ass around to get the douche sloshing around in every corner of her gaping vagina and it all comes spewing out as she pulls the speculum out.