1915 Angel Windell

1916 Carolina Londoño

1917 Gaby Ortega

Shoot Location: Medellin, Colombia

Scene 1

View Wobble Near You. 6:50

Carolina has a wander back and forth in her somewhat unusual one piece body mesh outfit to show off her figure in motion. There’s a lot of booty cheek wobbling around in the close up shots as we follow close behind her butt. After a very quick strip she repeats it all fully naked except for the shoes.

Web Browser. 11:20

This is now a full length tease video in her mesh outfit. You won’t see a lot of nudity at this point but there is a lot of prominent booty curves bulging and wobbling in your face throughout. The striping mesh patterns on the ass seem to show off the butt curves quite nicely as she squirms around.

Explore South Carolina. 13:03

Now with Carolina all nude the feminine assets get a full inspection. Not everything is natural or flawless by any means, though she is a good looking babe with a very nice complexion and thick curves.

Glow Fuck Yourself. 10:27

Carolina uses a super bright neon pink dildo to fuck herself while lying back on the couch. The action is slightly less than compelling but it still has some very nice moments with beautiful close up shots.