1914 Yenifer Chacon

1915 Angel Windell

1916 Carolina Londoño

Shoot Location: St Martin

Scene 1

Windell she get Naked? 9:00

Angel's charming character comes through as she poses poolside in her blue bikini. The clouds come and go a bit making for some alternately vibrant and diffused lighting conditions. She has a lovely butt with surprisingly nice curves on a skinny girl.

Crack 'n Tats. 13:37

Angel is all naked now and she proceeds to give you an ass and pussy show in various standing and lying positions. Lying on her front with the legs wide open we get some amazing close up views in her ass crack. Her crabwalk pose is also beautifully executed with large ass cheeks hanging prominently in the view.

I Saw an Angel Cumming. 7:50

Angel uses her big pink vibrator on her pussy while lying back on the deck chair. It is interesting to watch her butthole clench when the vibrator makes contact with her clitoris. Halfway through she gets up into a crabwalk position allowing for a much nicer view of her ass while she continues vibing her pussy.

Only Funs. 2:36

We capture Angel making her own social media video during a break in shooting. There are no close up shots in this as we avoid getting into her video ourselves.

Shelf Oil. 7:46

Now standing in the sun poolside Angel oils up her ass for some shiny cheeks content. A little dribble of water enhances the scene with streams and beads of water sparkling on her skin. She then gets right in the pool and shows off some lovely bend over and floating ass views. Certainly the highlight is the close up the butt view as she lies on her front with the legs wide open.