1916 Carolina Londoño

1917 Gaby Ortega

1918 Mia Split

Shoot Location: Montego Bay, Jamaica

Scene 1

Hall 'n Out the Goods. 15:15

Gaby’s lingerie set looks almost formal with all the accessories including sleeves and fishnet stockings and a black on white theme throughout the set. When she turns around you you get your first look at her thick butt and lush ass crack which will come to dominate our attention as the scene progresses on. The thin thong string almost completely disappears in her ass crack as she pulls it tight into her lips and ass.

I Gaby Dreaming. ITC Favorite 14:33

Now wearing only shoes and fishnet stockings Gaby’s bare ass and pussy are out for inspection with all manner of close up views. Many highlight shots feature detailed ass crack views with anus winking and curvy cheeks surrounding your viewing position. Also not to be missed are the beautiful ass spreads lying on her side and a naughty squat on top of your face.

Chica go Black Cocks. 8:31

Gaby uses a black rubber dildo first while lying back on the chair with the legs pinned high and wide and then in a crabwalk position with her ass hanging mid-air off the edge of the chair. Her most noticeable features include her extra large pussy lips and a very large clitoris which gets more attention whenever the dildo comes out of her pussy. Your viewing perspective is super nice as she is virtually squatting right on your face through the best parts of this video.

Put Out Ortega Hike. 3:36

Gaby has a naked parade in the outdoor hallway showing off her jiggly bits in motion. An always pleasant smile enhances the scene in the front side views while her butt does all then entertaining in the back side views.