1913 Kimmy Kimm

1914 Yenifer Chacon

1915 Angel Windell

Shoot Location: Medellin, Colombia

Scene 1

Pool String Doll. ITC Favorite 14:27

Yenifer’s strip tease video has a little special flavour with occasional talking, sometimes in Spanish and sometimes in English with her Spanish accent. Her beautiful smooth butt is pretty well exposed right from the beginning with only a super thin thong string running through her ass crack. The ass is really prominently displayed as she sits backwards on the stool with butt spreads and gaping vagina completely clearing the thong string. Later in doggy style the thong string becomes a tool to flip and floss her crack as she essentially becomes bottomless. Towards the end she does some outstanding pussy spreading showing a beautiful vagina gape while her entire undercarriage is fabulously exposed. All of this before she even gets “naked”.

Behind the Eight Ball. ITC Favorite 15:57

Now fully naked a fabulous ass show begins with lots of ass spreading, slapping, jiggling and gaping while standing right over your face. Once again the vagina views are excellent with beautiful close up inspections. Again the stool gets put to good use as she sits backwards on it letting her ass hang right in your face. Some beautiful anus flexing adds to the entertainment in this position as well as some pretty talented side to side butt cheek twerking. The ass show continues in the standing and lying positions with some beautiful squirming, spreads and jiggles. This clip is truly rich on entertainment with one of the most flawless and perfect asses given a thorough inspection and worship.

Head Dong Collision. 7:47

Yenifer uses a very long double ended dildo to fuck her pussy while lying back on the pool table. Her underside and joints appear shaped in such a way that she can get fantastic exposure of her ass and pussy allowing for outstanding views of her feminine bits throughout.

Scene 2

This is Strollen Property. 3:50

We move outside to use a large lawn space so Yenfier can do a naked parade for you. She walks back and forth a few times with both full body views and close up ass shots.