1912 Zaawaadi

1913 Kimmy Kimm

1914 Yenifer Chacon

Shoot Location: Cozumel, Mexico

Scene 1

How Kimmy do this. 10:46

Kimmy’s red and black outfit is all sheer and actually made out of pantyhose material. Close up inspection reveals both nipples and pussy lips showing through the material. She shows off a beautiful crotch bulge as the panties stretch around her pussy lips.

Look Kimmy when I'm Stocking to you. ITC Favorite 14:21

Kimmy is now wearing only her stockings and shoes to show off her bare bottom side. A backwards sitting position is beautifully executed with her bare ass sitting virtually on your face. Then lying back she looks amazing with her legs wide open showing her thick undercarriage exposed to the world. Poses lying on her side are equally incredible with beautiful thick curves and naked feminine places beautifully exposed.

Kimm Buzzedible. ITC Favorite 9:09

Kimmy uses a strong vibrator for her toy in this masturbation scene. The toy is moderately effective although seemingly not the main attraction of the scene. Perhaps the most interesting aspect is simply the beauty of her naked and well exposed underside. She shows some gorgeous shapes with her legs wide open and a super pretty pussy. In the later half she turns the vibrator around and uses it as an insertion toy producing a very nice climax to the scene.

She has Whizzen Above. 0:54

Kimmy takes a quick pee while squatting on the edge of the patio. Your viewing perspective is low and quite revealing as she is almost squatting above you.