1909 Ivi Rein

1910 Alexis Crystal

1911 Isabella De Laa

Shoot Location: Provence, France

Scene 1

Take a Strip to France. 10:17

Alexis’ posing spot is just a few cushions on the side of the pool. Her expert posing and teasing are second to none with well executed moves and beautiful curves presented to the camera. A little water sprinkle on her bikini bottom and over her butt enhance the view.

Crystallize your Dreams. ITC Favorite 13:25

Alexis is all nude now for some fantastic bare pussy and ass inspection with explicit close up views throughout. She’s a real pro at getting her nude undercarriage in the most revealing positions for an unimpeded view. Lying on her front with the legs wide open the view straight up her butt is mesmerizing. There are multiple gaping vagina shots sprinkled around from time to time.

Alexis Plug in High Bred. 6:32

Alexis fucks herself with a rubber dildo while lying back on the cushions and in a crabwalk position. Her action picks up quite a bit of enthusiasm towards the climax with excellent views in the crabwalk pose. There’s a vey brief dip in the pool at the end.

To the Edge and Back. 4:47

The concrete edge of the pool makes a perfect runway for Alexis to show off her figure in motion. She walks the full length of the pool multiple times sometimes with an elegant manner and other times with a more goofy and playful mood.