1908 Alicia Trece

1909 Ivi Rein

1910 Alexis Crystal

Shoot Location: Montego Bay, Jamaica

Scene 1

Posin' Ivi. 21:26

This is a pretty substantial strip tease and nude posing segment with Ivi posing on the poolside daybed. The lighting conditions are really fabulous with perfect diffusion under blue skies. Her slow motion and graceful movement make her easy to watch with plenty of clear views.

In the Crib Bein' Naughty. 9:09

Ivi uses a rubber dildo to fuck her pussy on the daybed. She has a pretty nice skiff of goo around her pussy although she is not exactly oozing. A crabwalk position shows off her underside very nicely with well lit assets throughout the best of the action.

You Can Dip End on Her. 8:41

Ivi ends her scene with a dip in the pool. It’s all rather elegant and tranquil and not particularly explicit.