1910 Alexis Crystal

1911 Isabella De Laa

1912 Zaawaadi

Shoot Location: Provence, France

Scene 1

De Laa of Attraction. 10:04

Isabella may be too skinny for some but she does have some good angles and interesting assets. She does an interesting bit of panty and lip tease with her substantial inner lips hanging out.

A Flip De Laa Lips. 15:17

Isabella’s proportions in the first shot here are somewhat surreal, like a barbie doll but skinnier. The dress never comes off but it is always pulled up and she is bottomless and everything is seen. The large pussy lips become the main attraction latter into the video as she starts flipping them with her fingers.

That's Against De Laa. 7:38

Isabella chose a clit sucking toy for this masturbation scene partly because that is what works for her. It does not do anything visually but it does produce an obvious orgasm at the end with quite apparent muscle contractions. The middle section of this video gives a fantastic up the ass view as she lies on her front. Then in missionary position the orgasm comes with some very interesting butt hole contractions.