1907 Rachel Rivers

1908 Alicia Trece

1909 Ivi Rein

Shoot Location: Medellin, Colombia

Scene 1

Gist of 'er Walkin’. 4:50

Alicia has a very nice tidy figure that deserves a little walkabout to show her curves in motion. After a few times back and forth in her one piece lingerie she quickly gets naked and does it all again fully nude. The close up butt wiggles are well worth a look-see here.

Alicia Not Bad Looking. 14:07

Now in the living room Alicia takes her time to do a proper tease in her one piece outfit. The butt cheeks are well out with the thong back exposing everything except her butthole. She spends a good amount of time deliberately jiggling her butt around right in your face.

Ass Pose Ho. 15:39

Alicia is all nude now for complete ass worship and pussy inspection. Close up ass views show a very well formed ass with beautiful round shapes filling your screen. A liberal dose of butt jiggling enhances the view quite nicely and can be seen again in the last clip below in slow motion. She also shows off the curves in her back very nicely while sitting on her feet. Though her ass is not especially large it does have some exceptional curves next to her small waist.

Farc Me. 8:49

Alicia uses a rubber dildo to fuck her pussy in a few different positions. The obvious best bit of this is with her ass hanging off the edge of the couch giving a full ass and pussy view while she fucks herself. She’s maybe not as wet as we’d ideally like but the assets in action are top quality. She does a pretty nice vagina gape at the end after she is done with the toy.

Slomo. ITC Favorite 1:47

Alicia’s butt wobbles are quite mesmerizing, especially in slow motion. This is all of her best butt wobbles and jiggles all in one place in one highlight reel.