1902 Brianna Arson

1903 Lia Lin

1904 Eve Sweet

Shoot Location: Montego Bay, Jamaica

Scene 1

Memorable Lia. 8:05

Slim girl Lia is one tight package in her slinky little dress. Smooth skin and firm curves abound peeking out from under the silky black fabric of the dress. The only flaws are in our sometime dubious camera work.

Lin me Some Thin. 11:13

She is all nude now except for the open foot shoes. All manner of poses on the chair and on the table expose her naughty bits for inspection. However this clip has quite a lot more full body shots than usual in order to show off her remarkable shape. She may not be voluptuous but her super slender waist creates beautiful curves all on its own. The arch in her back is remarkable and creates amazing shapes flowing into her ass.

The Twitch in Sync. 7:22

Lia uses a small bunny ears vibrator to stimulate her clitoris. She certainly has some reactions to the toy although there is some doubt that there is really a genuine orgasm involved here. It’s nice footage if you like watching a girl twitch to the vibes of a clit toy.

A Smoosh Over. 1:26

Seeing her sitting on the glass at the end of her masturbation session induces obvious thoughts of seeing that from underneath. This is just a brief postlude watching her pussy sitting on the glass from underneath. It might be the best part of the video with some very sexy pussy smooshing on the glass surface.