1901 Lina Roselina

1902 Brianna Arson

1903 Lia Lin

Shoot Location: St Martin

Scene 1

A Tempted Arson. 7:13

Our pool scene has quite a scenic vista beyond with changeable weather passing in the background. It has some affect on our lighting conditions with moments of brilliant sunshine and other moments of more dull diffusion as the clouds pass. Brianna is pretty energetic as she is continually moving about and cramming in lots of poses in a short time. This also results in some more chaotic camera motion than usual. The positive side is she has infectious charisma and imagination. This clip features the strip tease portion of her set with a very colourful one piece bathing suit and some crazy splits poses mixed in from time to time.

The Energizer Bummy. 13:57

Brianna is all nude now posing on the pool bench and on the deck. Once again she crams in oodles of poses in quick succession, sometimes faster than we can keep up with for any kind of smooth camera motion. And yet there are still some really good close up ass and pussy shots. They just don’t last so long before she is on to something else. Brianna is certainly one of the most charismatic models we’ve had in a while with the ability to entertain and to show interesting poses including full splits and hand stands.

Gooing Green. 6:56

Now under full sunshine for this clip Brianna uses an emerald green rubber dildo to fuck herself. The more stable positioning and extended action means this clip has the most concentrated pussy and ass views of the whole set. She gets a very nice spew of pussy goo running down her ass crack right from the beginning. Her positions are very interesting starting with a one leg split over her head and then a cowgirl pose humping the toy as seen from below.

Float your Arson This. ITC Favorite 10:43

Brianna gets in the pool to finish her scene. There’s some outstanding up the ass views as she floats on her front with her ass jacked up out of the water. Then she gets on the inflated floating donut and shows some beautiful up the ass views as she lies on her front with the butt up and out. There’s not so much attempt to be elegant. She just has a fun time and even falls off the float a couple of times.

Slomo. 1:42

This is a collection of all the best jiggly butt shots all together and played back at half speed.