1903 Lia Lin

1904 Eve Sweet

1905 Candice Demellza & Casey Norhman

Shoot Location: Provence, France

Scene 1

Sweet Nothings. 18:22

Everything about this scene is French with a villa in Provence, Parisian cafe paintings, a French speaking girl and possible even French style lingerie. Her one piece chemise lingerie is very see-through and she has no panties on underneath allowing for some very easy pussy and ass views right away. The underneath views are very sexy as she stands over the camera giving the up skirt style perspective inside the lingerie. Farther on her ample boobs also spill out quite deliberately. The lingerie never comes off but all the important bits are fully exposed for a very thorough inspection.

A Tongue Lashing. ITC Favorite 7:37

Eve’s sex toy is a distinctively tongue shaped vibrator. She mostly massages it around her clitoris area but the pointy tip also wanders in between her lips from time to time partially inserting in her pussy. She gives us some pretty horny footage lying on her front with her ass and pussy grinding down onto the toy along with an excellent view up her ass. Poses lying missionary are pretty nice too with well exposed assets and quite enthusiastic action.

Walk Tit's Sway. 5:39

We move to the outside patio now for a little walking parade, first in the lingerie and then fully nude. The highlight is perhaps the fully nude front side if for view for the boob action alone. She adds a little jazz to her step deliberately enhancing the boobie entertainment.