1900 Dee Vine

1901 Lina Roselina

1902 Brianna Arson

Shoot Location: Provence, France

Scene 1

Bed Rock Booty. 9:01

Posing in beige lingerie Lina’s movements are quite slow with a gentle sway showing off her curves in an easy to follow manner. Almost everything in this scene except for the bedding is a similar colour including her skin, the lingerie, her hair, the ceiling and the walls all being off beige. Presumably it’s something most people don’t give a damn about but it does not jive with ITC sensibilities which is why we at least changed the bedding to be green.

Cum to an Under Standing. 26:00

Lina is all nude now with her bare ass and pussy presented to the camera in all manner of revealing poses. She’s pretty good at spreading her ass and pussy for detailed close up inspection. Beside lying poses she spends a considerable portion of time with her ass hovering over top of the camera in either standing or squatting positions.

My Hole Dug Glass. ITC Favorite 7:25

Lina uses a glass sex toy to fuck her pussy. Her positions with her ass hanging out over the edge of the bed allow for maximum ass and pussy views. The butt fills your screen very nicely through most of this scene with awesome butthole and cheek views amid the pussy fucking action.