1899 Sasha Sparrow

1900 Dee Vine

1901 Lina Roselina

Shoot Location: Umbria, Italy

Scene 1

This is Tartan to Look Good. ITC Favorite 14:43

Dee is looking quite stunning in this set with an authentic Italian al fresco dining location, nice hair and make up and an outfit well fitting to both her ass and the location. The obvious highlight is her ass in the tartan shorts, especially when she tugs them up letting the cheeks spill out. This is easily one of the nicest asses on the site beautifully displayed in both a classy and enticing way.

Take off Dee's Panties. 8:32

With the shorts off she is now down to just the panties and mesh top. A panty inspection is in order with views from both the front and the back. She spends some time tugging and teasing the panties showing both outside and inside views. Ultimately the panties come down around her thighs and stay there while she bends over and shows some beautiful bare ass crack views.

Very Nice in Dee’d. ITC Favorite 14:54

With an A tier model naked in front of us you can be sure we’ll get a really good look at her bare ass and pussy in a thorough and leisurely fashion. She has the most beautifully formed ass and thick pussy lips and a perfect ass jiggle for some outstanding and entertaining ass and pussy viewing. The table top is perhaps not the most comfortable place to pose ass up but she does a fine job finding her way into some very revealing poses so you can see her the way you want to see her. A final crab walk pose gets her ass dangling in your face for another outstanding view of her spectacular assets with nothing but butt and pussy filling your screen.

Dining al Frisky. 11:52

Dee uses a bulbous vibrator to massage her clitoris to an eventual climax. It takes her quite a long time to get there with not a lot of variation of position but there are nevertheless some beautiful pussy and ass views along the way.