1898 Angel Windell

1899 Sasha Sparrow

1900 Dee Vine

Shoot Location: Provence, France

Scene 1

Your Sasha Mesh. 8:07

Sasha’s tight fitting outfit is made entirely of mesh with little diamond studs all over it. The snug fit around her pussy bulge is quite enticing with her lips clearly seen through the mesh material.

Lemme Show you Round the Firm. 18:15

Sasha is all nude now and the focus is squarely on her bare ass and pussy. Close up views under her butt reveal a super tight and toned ass. Booty cheek jiggles are present but constrained by muscle firmness. She’s super tidy other than a few specks on her anus and her form is on point with beautiful underside shape. She is especially proficient with her anus winking.

Gush Dam it. 7:29

Sasha uses a big blue dildo to fuck herself while lying back on the chair. She has a virtual dam burst with the first few pokes of the dildo as lots of pussy fluids spew out. In reality it’s probably just trapped douche flowing out but still interesting. Her orgasm is somewhat understated but apparent. The beautiful assets on display are the prime attraction with excellent positioning showing off the curves around her shapely underside.