1895 Delilah Day

1896 Lilly Bella

1897 Penelope Woods

Shoot Location: Umbria, Italy

Scene 1

Bella Vista. 19:14

Lilly’s shoes a little bit suspect but otherwise everything else in this entire video is about as close to perfect as you could ask for. We placed one of our most beautiful models in front of a fabulous background in the remote Italian countryside with idyllic villas, meadows and castles trailing off into the hills. Being far away from roads and cities the soundtrack is also really good with nothing but birds and critters making sounds. We linger on the first face shot for a while because such a pretty face deserves it. This clip is mostly about the nude colour pantyhose with the seamless crotch showing pretty much everything that is inside. We have perhaps a few more full body shots than usual because the overall figure, face and scene are all beautiful to look at. The first bare crack views with the pantyhose pulled down under her ass are nicely concentrated on the important bits for a thorough introduction to her naked assets.

Lilly of the Valley. ITC Favorite 19:37

Lilly is all naked now with all of her stunningly beautiful assets spread open to your view. There’s quite a good mix of both close up inspection and full body shots. The sun has emerged now bringing more colour and contrast to the scene. The butt is really nicely displayed as she squats over your face with some very enjoyable spreads and jiggles. The ass worship continues with poses lying on her front. Intermittent spreading and jiggling keeps it interesting with lots of explicit close up views.

Twatus Friggius. 10:44

There’s no toys involved in this masturbation scene. She just has a little pussy rubbing session mostly with her ass hanging off the edge of the couch and then lying on her front. There’s maybe not much especially compelling about her simple pussy rubbing but it hardly matters as we gaze upon the private places of an immaculate beauty. She does have a nice twitchy moment at the climax of the video. Some of the best shots come after she is done masturbating as she gives a little encore of ass and pussy spreading to finish it off.