1896 Lilly Bella

1897 Penelope Woods

1898 Angel Windell

Shoot Location: Montego Bay, Jamaica

This video is not without some technical issues as the camera has a few spastic moments. It was during our first trip using a new camera which may have contributed to this. But don’t let that deter you from enjoying one of the best asses on the site with this set.

Scene 1

Woods ya be into this? 10:29

This set has quite a formal appearance with a fully set dining table and Penelope’s complete lingerie attire. Her big jiggly bum garners a lot of attention even before she takes anything off.

Mad Jiggle Moments. 14:28

Penelope’s stockings, shoes and garter never come off but she is otherwise all nude now with all the important bits out in the open. She has a magical ass with bountiful jiggly cheeks, flawless skin and zero cellulite. Her pose sitting backwards on the chair gives a remarkable view up her bottom end with full curves bulging to fill your screen and subtle booty jiggles enhancing the entertainment value.

Wee Dick Clear Whore. 10:42

Penelope Uses a clear rubber dildo to fuck herself in both the missionary and doggy style poses. Some of the poses are slightly awkward but the assets on display are really beautiful.

Slomo. 3:27

Penelope’s ass jiggles are legendary and require some slow motion playback in order fully appreciate it. This is a compilation of all the best ass jiggling moments presented at half speed.