1894 Dani Blu

1895 Delilah Day

1896 Lilly Bella

Shoot Location: St Martin

Scene 1

Simpin' and Delilah. 10:48

Delilah’s first butt close ups with the panties still on are quite eye popping with tidy ass curves thrust nicely into your face. Her green satin panties play a nice teasing roll through most of this clip and especially when it comes time to pull them down. The ass and pussy are beautifully posed for the first bare crack view.

Day Vid and Go Lieth. 10:38

She is all nude now to show off her ass and pussy in both standing and lying positions. Standing with her butt parked almost right on your face every detail is beautifully displayed to your view with some excellent spreads and jiggles. Then on the bed her various bend over, squatting and lying poses also bring plenty of extended close up views in her bare crack.

Sawed 'em and Go More. 6:32

We use a feather to tickle and stimulate Delilah’s bare ass crack. She is maybe not as ticklish or responsive as some girls but the content is great for a more concentrated view straight up her ass and pussy from behind.

Came and Able. 7:26

Delilah’s vibrating dildo is quite small but serves the job quite well without obscuring much of the view. She is in missionary position most of the time with her knees pulled well back and the pussy well out in the open. The action and climax are somewhat understated but the lack of bucking around allows for full time clear views.