1893 Yumi Sin

1894 Dani Blu

1895 Delilah Day

Shoot Location: Montego Bay, Jamaica

The audio on this set is a bit trash due to the excessive wind outside. We’d recommend just turning the sound off or down.

Scene 1

Blu in Blue on Blue. 12:00

Almost everything is blue in this set including the girl’s name. Dani is pretty skinny but surprisingly curvy when you get underneath her tight little ass.

You Wanna Fat Lip? 16:54

Dani is still wearing her boots and top but is completely bare ass now for close up ass and pussy inspection. Her incredible pussy lips dominate the show with lots of thick pussy meat to immerse your thoughts into. There’s no unsightly hanging meat curtains here. It’s all just bulging fat labia with fascinating features that are beautifully displayed as she squeezes and gapes it under manipulating hands.

Dani's Grand Slam. ITC Favorite 13:19

Dani’s candy cane coloured vibrator is pretty small but it does the job to show off her big fat pussy in action. It’s quite fascinating to see how her fat lips naturally hang open when the toy comes out of her pussy. A crab walk position get’s all the pretty bits hanging right in your face through the main portions of this video. The moment of orgasm comes on two separate occasions with some pretty frantic and enthusiastic convulsions.