1892 Monika May

1893 Yumi Sin

1894 Dani Blu

Shoot Location: Trelawny, Jamaica

Scene 1

Fishnet Gawkings. 11:44

Yumi’s outfit is pretty slutty by ITC standards. It goes well with her tattoos and persona though not so much with the location. A lot is seen even before she takes anything off as there’s quite a good amount of butt spreading with only a thin thong string in her butt crack and more often out of her butt crack. We also pay more attention to her boobs than we usually would because she’s got a very nice set with beautiful form and natural jiggle.

Cause a Sinsation. 9:40

The panties come off and we move in for a detailed inspection of super smooth ass and pussy. You’ll be hard pressed to find any flaws in her immaculate undercarriage. There’s are multiple poses involved and every single pose is optimized for maximum pussy and ass in your face.

Yumi Goo Now. ITC Favorite 9:48

A clear rubber dildo is used to work Yumi's pussy and get the juices flowing. The action is not especially outstanding but more than adequate to show off her assets in action. What is more impressive is all the gooey pussy juice and the gorgeous smooth pussy and ass that is beautifully displayed in prime viewing position.