1885 Zaawaadi

1886 Willow Ryder

1887 Gaby Ortega

Shoot Location: Trelawny, Jamaica

Scene 1

Hose House is this? 11:37

Red dress, big butt and dark pantyhose are the theme of this strip tease video. A seamless crotch ensures that all details of her feminine bits are clearly seen though the material when she puts her butt in your face.

You Willow me Big Time. 9:16

The shoes and pantyhose come off at the beginning of this clip leaving the entire time to just ogle bare pussy and ass. Now with her big butt free from the confines of the tight pantyhose her super jiggly bum drops are on full display. She does a very nice pussy spread towards the end of this clip with a beautifully clean open pussy filling your screen.

One Big Vibe Ryder. 7:05

Willow uses her big hitachi vibrator to bring her pussy up to an orgasm. The views are certainly best after she props herself up high on the chair with a great camera angle from underneath. Some of this is a bit uneventful but the eventual orgasm is great. You can very clearly see the muscle contractions as she comes to a crashing orgasm.

Haul Way. 3:43

We make use of the long hallway space for a naked parade. Willow has a prime wiggle with plenty of jiggly ass to show off in motion. The close up ass follow with have your brains jiggling in sync with her beautiful booty.

Slomo. 0:59

With such a beautifully jiggly ass we take a moment to admire some of Willows best jiggly moments in slow motion. You can also see these as individual segments on the minivids page.