1884 Candice Demellza & Yenifer Chacon

1885 Zaawaadi

1886 Willow Ryder

Shoot Location: Prague, Czech Republic

Scene 1

Zaawaadi ya Think of This? ITC Favorite 20:34

This is a woman that really fills out a pair of jean shorts and knows how to show it off. She has fantastic curves both front and back though it is the booty curves that grabs all the attention here. Thick ass cheeks are extra prominent in this video with plenty of ass meat naturally spilling out of her jean shorts. The second half of this clip is without the shorts and features more ass tease with her crisp white panties. You get a really good intro to her bare bottom with the panties pulled down in the last few minutes.

Having Dark Thoughts. ITC Favorite 15:23

Zaawaadi is now bottomless, soon to be fully nude, and gets her big bare bum in your face for a thorough inspection. Big booty dreams are made of this with thick curves, smooth skin and jiggly cheeks. The dark skin looks amazing in the close ups with every detail sparkling in the light. She’s got some talent at projecting her ass in all the right positions. A close up look at her spread vagina reveals some beautiful moistness in the depths.

Jack Frost. ITC Favorite 10:45

Zaawaadi’s dildo masturbation scene is done mostly with her ass hanging off the edge of the couch with superb viewing perspectives to take in all that ass. The clarity and detail in her skin is amazing with texture only seen in girls with such dark complexion. She works up a nice layer of vagina goop all around her lower pussy lips and taint.

Slomo. 1:55

Inevitably such a voluptuous ass is going to have some really nice jiggle to it. It’s worth having a look at some of her more jiggly moments in slow motion.