1886 Willow Ryder

1887 Gaby Ortega

1888 Mia Split

Shoot Location: Medellin, Colombia

Scene 1

Cherry Packin’. 8:25

We’re trying out a new flavour of location with this set featuring the big Colombian city in the background and interesting evening light conditions. Gaby’s cherry print dress is pretty damn short offering instant butt views as soon as the camera goes low. It’s not long before the dress is pulled up and the panties are coming off. There’s ample bare bottom views with jiggly butt action rounding out the latter half of this clip.

Dark Side of the Moon. 11:23

We brought in a small bench for Gaby to pose on. It’s somewhat a continuation of the previous clip’s content but with additional posing options. The middle portions of this clip get right up in her ass crack with jiggly ass cheeks dropping almost right on your face.

That was Fuckin' Nights. 8:34

It’s full night time by this point in the video with Gaby getting down with a dildo. She’s a little bit dry at first but that soon changes as the action progresses. Most of the time she has her ass hanging off the edge of the bench giving an ideal viewing angle to take in all of her ass throughout.

Ass Gaby Out Tonight. 4:59

This is just a bit of bonus footage with Gaby standing at the balcony railing all nude. There’s no particular theme to this but there are some very nice booty shots in the mix.

Slomo. 1:15

Gaby has a nice big ass worthy of a few slow motion replays showing off her jiggle in the best way.