1881 Barbie Brill

1882 Kimmy Kimm

1883 Ivi Rein

Shoot Location: Trelawny, Jamaica

Scene 1

You Know Good Ass Hose. 20:42

Kimmy plays up the nervous novice character at the beginning of this video and she quite charming in the process. There are a few very nice close up face shots near the beginning with excellent eye contact. The main attraction and star of this show is the beautiful seamless pantyhose under her floral dress. Her pantyhose crotch is a merciless tease with her thick pussy lips showing through the semi-transparent material.

Kimmy Get a Closer Look? 8:10

With Kimmy now all nude there is a number of beautiful pussy shots. She has exceptionally pretty pussy lips with interesting folds and creases and a nice smooth ass.

Candy Came. ITC Favorite 11:41

Kimmy’s vibrator is candy cane coloured and quite small which keeps the attention on her beautiful pussy lips and ass. Some of the close up shots are pretty stunning with excellent detail in every fold of her gorgeous pussy lips. You can very clearly see the contractions in her pussy and ass as she reacts to the vibrations. She later moves her ass off the edge of the ottoman for some beautiful hanging ass views while she continues vibing her clit. A nice little gob of pussy juice forms around her vagina and taint as she approaches a climax to the action.