1880 Alexis Crystal

1881 Barbie Brill

1882 Kimmy Kimm

Shoot Location: Budapest, Hungary

Scene 1

I'd Leather Have it. 15:54

Barbie’s leather skirt does a very nice job of outlining her rear end curves and just the slightest low angle view allows for a pleasant view of ass cheeks sliding out. The ass is not so flawless in the close ups but she certainly has a nice shape and an overall super sexy look and style. There’s a smouldering hot face shot and the skirt provides a beautiful tease at multiple points throughout this clip. Later wearing only the thong panty her ass jiggle is beautifully displayed in your face with some butt spreads and drops.

What Ass Knob. 14:03

Now all nude Barbie looks quite stunning in the full body shots at the beginning of this clip. A closer look reveals some minor problems, particularly with a cauliflower anus, but that maybe be simply an interesting feature depending on your perspective.

Snag a Dick. 8:36

Barbie’s dildo masturbation scene is perhaps a bit too dry at first due to reluctance to use lube but that situation improves as the scene progresses. She finds a good position with her butt hanging off the edge of the couch exposing all of her bits in prime viewing position. A bit of twitching motion makes it quite an entertaining scene.

Barbie's Followers. ITC Favorite 4:54

This all nude walking scene shows Barbie at her best with elegant posing and movement showing her beautiful figure in motion. She puts it all together with flirty looks, sexy eye contact, outstanding posing, exciting butt wiggle, and a mix of elegant and playful walks.

Slomo. 1:00

Barbie has a few outstanding moments of butt wiggles and jiggles worthy of the slow motion treatment. This is a compilation of just a few of the best bits for special interest. You can also find these as individual clips in the mini vids section.