1882 Kimmy Kimm

1883 Ivi Rein

1884 Candice Demellza & Yenifer Chacon

Shoot Location: Montego Bay, Jamaica

Scene 1

Let's get Snake it. 10:46

This half indoor, half outdoor scene has a quite nice rainy ambience with Ivi posing in a snake skin patterned one piece outfit. Her movement is always slow, measured and graceful as she takes her time peeling off the snake skin layer.

Rein Bare All. 13:47

Ivi is all nude now and sometimes wet with water scooped from the rain trough she poses next to. She has a bit of a different posing style to most of our models and it works quite well for her. Though we get most of our usual kind of poses there is a considerable amount of front side squatting poses with the camera directly under her ass and pussy. Our camera lens misted up a little for a while due to the high humidity in this location but it is never enough to obscure a clear view.

Poker Dots. 8:24

Ivi fucks her pussy with a blue porcelain dildo while squatting front side on the wood bench. Her position becomes more elevated later into the scene giving the camera an ideal perspective from right under her pussy. A nice little coating of pussy goo enhances the scene for easy action and beautiful aesthetics.