1879 Rachel Rivers

1880 Alexis Crystal

1881 Barbie Brill

Shoot Location: Provence, France

Scene 1

Undies Sided. 10:56

Pretty much everything goes to plan in this set including a classic French villa bedroom, a beautiful lingerie set, fantastic ambience with the rainy outdoor sounds coming in through the open window and Alexis giving a masterclass on elegant and sexy posing.

Crack Open the Windows. ITC Favorite 18:11

Now bottomless the masterclass continues with Alexis doing some fantastic pussy spreading and super revealing posing with her ass projected well out for maximum pussy and ass viewing. Her bend over posing and face squatting are second to none and include some amazing close up shots right in her crack with everything open and in your face. Alexis is just built different with joints that open her limbs favourably, ass that naturally projects, pussy that gapes easily and ingenuity to find outstanding poses. When we need to show girls how to pose for inthecrack this is what we show them.

A Dick did do Crystal Miss. ITC Favorite 9:41

Alexis uses the clear rubber dildo to fuck her pussy. Once again her ass and pussy are beautifully projected in all poses while her hands never seem to block the view of all the important parts. She has a beautiful butt squirm when she humps the toy lying on her front.