012 Jenny

013 Venus

014 Venus

Shoot Location: Calgary, Canada

Scene 1

Ass of Venus. 13:23

It wont take you long to realize that Venus has an amazing ass worthy of fanatical worship. Wearing gold micro shorts that struggle to conceal her fabulous curves she stands over your face giving you an eyeful as she fiddles with her shorts and fondles her ass. After her shorts come off you're treated to several minutes of delightful ass spreads right in your face.

Masturbation and Spreads. 14:25

Venus gets busy with finger and vibrator masturbation followed by some super close gooey spread vagina views.

Fountains of Venus. ITC Favorite 5:06

If you've ever wanted to examine a girl's pee hole and vagina up close while she pees this is the scene for you. Venus takes a really long pee in little squirts and trickles that lasts more than four minutes giving you perverts ample time to stick your nose in there and study things thoroughly. Don't look too close, she might squirt you in the face!

Scene 2

Hot Ass. 9:45

Venus wanted to show you how nice her ass looks in her sexy jean shorts so we stuck your face right up under her ass for a good look. Now she wants to show you how hot her ass really is as she sticks a thermometer up her bum. You get some fabulous views up her shapely bum crack with the thermometer sticking out of her ass while she fingers her pussy. We get your face right in her bum crack to ogle her anus as she slides the thermometer in and out of her gorgeous hole. (There's some ocassional minor defects in the audio of this clip)

Bucking Bambi. 5:13

Venus sticks a suction cup dildo to the corner of the table so she can ride it right over your face. You get a beautiful view of her pussy and ass grinding down hard onto the dildo. It's almost like the dildo is stuck to your face.

Noisy Piddle. 1:33

Venus finishes this scene taking a pee squatting over a bowl. We actually get the camera within a few inches of her peeing pussy in full stream with a clear view of her pee hole.

Scene 3

Lost Cantaloupe. 14:50

Wearing a string bikini that covers virtually nothing Venus climbs up onto the kitchen counter, gives you a few nice ass views, strips off, and then proceeds to squirt cream all over her private parts. Before long she's stuffing peeled bananas and slices of cantaloupe up both her holes and loving it. She even stuffs a leek (vegetable) up her pussy. Next she opens up her pussy with a speculum. You get a brief view of her cervix but it's interrupted when she squirts some whipped cream up inside the speculum. She stuffs the cream deep inside her vagina with a banana and then removes the banana to give you a great messy view of the puddle of cream deep in her vagina. Finally she rinses off her pussy in the sink.

Douche Farts. 2:00

Venus needs to douche her vagina to get all the cream out. Turn up the volume, there's lots of giggling and pussy farts involved in this douche.