1869 Penelope Woods

1870 Dani Blu

1871 Sasha Sparrow

Shoot Location: Montego Bay, Jamaica

There’s quite a lot of white noise in the audio here from the sound of wind in the trees.

Scene 1

Look up Some Thin. 9:13

Dani looks really quite skinny but you may notice she has quite a large bulge in her panties. This is mostly just a preview leading up to the main attraction in the next clip when she displays her giant lips. You get a little hint of it now as she pulls her panties aside more as the scene progresses. She does a very nice dance over your face while teasing with the panties. The view up her bottom side is outstanding from below.

Lets Meat Up. ITC Favorite 12:07

She is all nude now and we get a really good look at her extra special pussy lips. Literally all of her fat went to one place and we get the perfect meaty pussy with lips thick enough to make a handfull. There’s fantastic underside views as she stands over your face from both the front and the rear. She also does an amazing squat right on your face with a big fat pussy naturally gaping open inches away.

La Toy-a-Jackin’. ITC Favorite 10:55

Dani uses a strong vibrator to massage her pussy to the point of orgasm. It is nice that her lips naturally hang open through all of this and there’s a lot of very nice close up views of her pussy. After reaching orgasm in missionary position she changes to a crabwalk pose and starts again eventually producing another enthusiastic orgasm.