1868 Lilly Bella

1869 Penelope Woods

1870 Dani Blu

Shoot Location: Montego Bay, Jamaica

The white noise in the audio here is the actual sound on location due to wind in the trees and the lack of glass in the windows. This has already been greatly reduced.

Scene 1

Cotton the Woods. 9:38

Penelope’s cotton top and panties are somewhat like sleepwear or pajamas but with her big beautiful bum cheeks well exposed for admiration. The cotton is a nice match to the furniture and location and gives a nice tease with not too much hidden.

Back Ass Woods. 16:00

She is all nude now except for the sky high white stiletto shoes which also come off half way through. Penelope’s best asset is super obvious and we accordingly spend the majority of our time gazing up her big smooth jiggly ass. It must be said, she looks incredible in the bend over position with thick curves and near flawless assets. At the half way point she moves onto the bed and does all manner of spread leg posing.

Humpin' Special. 9:33

Penelope uses a big rubber dildo to fuck her pussy. She starts missionary style but the best action comes soon after when she goes into her front and starts humping the dildo. She just looks best ass up with her big smooth curves undulating over the dildo. She certainly humps a dildo better than most girls with her booty flapping around in the air. Excessive butt motion in a close up can be difficult to follow yet her motion is especially nice and entertaining.

Slomo. 1:54

This is a compilation of the best jiggly bits from the footage above played back in slow motion. Penelope has one of the best butt jiggles on the site so it was an obvious choice to put it all together here. There is no audio on this clip.